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home - Antler furniture are either manufactured completely from antlers, or furniture which are decorated with antler pieces from the stag, deer, fallow deer...

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  • Anthony C - Strong an cool

    My dog jumps back an fourth in my jeep. If I did buy this my new wrangle would be all beat up. Wish my whole inside was made of this stuff. Looks great an does its job. Fit like a glove. Not like oj's glove lol. A really nice fit.

  • Poingdexter - Poor Quality

    Poor Quality, handle fell pulled off first use. Use plumbing cement to fix. Weeks later would not pull vacuum. Used oil to swell seal. 12 months later not working at all. When is worked, it was great. Looking for better quality product.

  • MrsSSG - Amazon won't except as a return because its a "hazardous material"

    These stink! I have these scents from another company. I was looking for a cheaper replacement alternative. This isn't it. And I can't even send them back. Amazon won't except them as a return because they're considered a "hazardous material"! Sounds like something you want to put on your skin, right?! I hope my garbage man enjoys them because they're going in the trash.

  • T. Allen - Stopped my hair from falling out

    I decided to use this 2-step treatment after seeing the wonders it did for my mother's hair many years ago. As a result of taking hormone-increasing medication, my hair began to fall out. At first it began to she'd and after a while the shedding turned into clumps of hair falling out whether or not I interfered with it. I was nervous, but decided to give the treatment a try before cutting my hair completely off. My hair is long ( waist length), thick, and wavy/curly. I bought the 4oz two step, balancing moisturizer, and provitamins leave-in conditioner. I followed the directions carefully as I did not want to make matter worst. After using the balancing moisturizer and leave-in, I began the tedious process of detangling, and to my surprise the hair was already reduced from clumping to shedding. I was even more impressed the next day when the hair only shed a few strands after combing, which is what I am accustomed to. I will definitely recommend and use again if necessary in 6 weeks. I hope this helps!

  • CarolSJett - Excel 2010 Bible is LOADED with useful and functional formulas.

    I have nothing other than course material to compare the Excel 2010 Bible to and, I am relatively new to learning about the depths that this program goes into.

  • Sharon D. Anderson, Ph.D. - Well written Insights

    Sergio Magana was priveledged to be allowed to write about the sacred information contained in this book. The message is clear and so needed for the new reality that we find ourselves in at this present time in the history of humankind.

  • Danny Speer - Great Gift

    I gave the golf balls to a friend as a gift for being kind. He loves them and uses them as his own, now!