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  • spenning - He's not losing hair as bad and he isn't so skittish anymore

    My outdoor cat started losing weight and his hair and became very timid, plus was eating no stop. I had seen this same behavior in my 16 year old cat that was diagnosed with thyroid problems. This product seems to be making a little bit of difference in my outdoor cat. He's not losing hair as bad and he isn't so skittish anymore. Doesn't seem to be gaining weight but is holding steady. Hoping this gives us some more time with this sweet cat that showed up at our house.

  • Amazon Customer - S*** works

    I'm 215lb 6 foot followed the directions pissed like 2 hours after I took it s*** works like gold. I thought mine would be too dilated but it was all good.. Needed it for a new job..not some little s*** ass 15$ an hour gig either

  • N.R. - What a deal

    I was so happy to receive these, since the one that came with my checkbook ran out of space. These days you need additional room for all the electronic purchases and other stuff we all seem to do. I read in one review, that the lines in these registers are a bit small, they are not as wide as what I have had in the past, but nothing to complain about, unless you are a complainer! Anyway, you cannot go wrong with this pack of three, convenient, very cheap and saved me a trip to my bank, thus saving me a few extra moments to write this review!

  • Amazon Customer - no big results

    I do cleanses twice a year and thought I'd try this one. Either I've gotten super healthy or this one had no effect.