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  • Edward Vaughn - This has been the standard for many years and it ...

    This has been the standard for many years and it still holds up. However, it is now, sadly, out of print, except in a large, pricy hardbound volume. Still, if you wish to learn Esperanto, and my suggestion is that you would be wise to do so, this is the dictionary to get. Search the internet. It's worth the effort.

  • Sharon - Better than expected

    Nice and slim. Good grip. Switched from Otter Box and feel it is still sturdy without the bulk. So inexpensive, I was skeptical, but it's worked out great.

  • RVthereyet - Clumbsy, cumbersome and confusing

    I don't like MS Streets & Trip at all. I have a three year old ,and another 8 yr old, version of ALK's CoPilot Laptop that are easier to use and is much more intuitive. The problem with CoPilot is they seem to have blown off the RV community with their newest version and there are no updates for V-8 or V-11. So I thought I'd try a different product. Mistake. A waste of money and time. S&Ts is no match for either of the older versions of CoPilot except that the maps are newer and it's POI list is more complete. There are a few other differences in the features but none that overide the basic ease or difficulty of use. My dream is that Google will come out with a laptop gps program that does not require a live internet connection.

  • Nate - A great collection, should be read by everyone

    This is one of the best short story collections I have read. I had high hopes for Richard Russo's take on the best American short stories of the year, and I was not disappointed. There were only one or two stories that I had a problem with finishing ("The Netherlands Lives With Water" by Jim Shepard and "Raw Water" by Wells Tower, both originally published in McSweeney's oddly), but this collection is pretty excellent throughout.

  • rrusa - QuickBooks user for life

    My 6th update of QuickBooks. Not a bad upgrade, except for the annoying new menu items on the left. Takes up space and is redundant of top menu items. Gimmicky for the sake of upgrade if you ask me. Otherwise love QuickBooks and will continue to be a user until they screw things up.

  • Mithun - Cricket

    Real fun for Cricket lovers. Very good graphics. Real cricket touch. Use HDMI cable with HDTV & enjoy this game in US.

  • Miss Lauren Lovett - Brilliant Red, Perfect Bleach

    I've been using this color and bleach on and off for a year now, and I absolutely love it. I have fine hair, so I was wary when I first tried bleaching my hair, I didn't want to burn it. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. This bleach was very gentle on my hair, yet was very effective at getting my hair to the yellow-blonde that is best for this color. You can still use this color if you have light/medium brown hair, it's still VERY vibrant red, but it's even brighter if you can get your hair to the yellowish blonde all over, which is easy to do with the bleach.