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  • Danielle V. - Not a workout - not really that happy with the music. Prefer other versions.

    I am more into working out and "Just Dance Greatest Hits" and "Just Dance 3" are good, but this one stinks. I want to return it, but not sure it's worth the gas money to bring it back... was on sale at game stop.

  • Moriah - The End Of Times Is Here

    If you ever wondered what was going on in AMerica and in the world today, why everything seems to be falling apart for the stupidest and most reckless of reasons, this book might answer your questions. From the diabolical influence of Freemasonry involved iin the founding of America, to transhumanism and the increasing attacks on personal freedoms by a domineering government, Tom Horn has some insights you need to read and reflect on. It moves a little slow at times, but its worth your patience and time to read. Its a very expanded version of The Nephilim Stargate, which I have also read. A very worthwhile, interesting and educational book.

  • SnowWhite81 - Super fast & accurate reading!

    I have never used thermometer like this before at home, they use some of the kids at the doctors office though. I was very excited to get one to tey out,we have about four of the ones you use under the arm, so I was ready to compare them with this one. First off I loved yhe packaging, it was in a nice silver colored box with a blue bow on it. It was ready to use right out of the box. None of us had any fevers but I used bith the regular one and this one with both settings(ear and forehead) and they all showed the same temperatures. So I am very please to say this works Awesome and its so easy to use. You just wipe it across the forehead to get a reading that way and it works so fast. I highly recommend ordering one of these to have it home for when you need it.

  • David G Humphries - awesome value

    Great jungle blade. Get one if you're looking for a chopping monster and don't mind a few minor flaws. The fit and finish is not perfect and the handle needs to be contoured but I'm looking forward to put a little work into this blade to make it perfect. My only complaint is there is no lanyard hole other than that I'm very happy with my purchase. Aloha!!