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Home - Katikati Avocado Food and Wine festival started by the Katikati Funfest Charitable Trust in 2003, the festival has grown annually and has become a summertime favourite for locals,and visitors, young and old.

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  • Crystal - Great purchase!

    Bought this house for my 2 small dogs and its their little mini mansion, nice and spacious pretty easy to assemble the whole locking in place parts I had a little trouble with so with the help of my sister we got it up. Love the plastic protection doors the screws for those you really have to turn them a few times to strip the plastic off a little but its extra sturdy I guess.

  • S. Metzger - Quicken 2015 For Dummies?

    I am not much on reviews but I felt I had to address stephen nelson's of his book "quicken 2015 for DUMMIES" I have been an avid user of Quicken for longer then I remember. Unfortunately I stopped the upgrades. I decided to start using quicken and so my daughter bought me the latest version for my mac. We installed it and transferred my data. I have looked high and low for books that I thought would help me. Looking over the program I soon felt like a dummy so I got out my quicken 2015 for dummies. I soon realized that stephen nelson was the bigger dummy than I was. I was the dummy for buying his book! Why do I speak about the book the way I do? I thought he was going to explain and walk me through the program as if I didn't have a clue about what he was talking about. For starters he uses pictures in the book. I said great. I started looking at the images and the author must wear glasses with coke sized lenses. I don't have a magnifying glass to help me. I wear glasses which don't help either. His images do not look like my images so I think he sold me a new book but the information in the book is from a previous program.