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  • Elizabeth Ward - I won't ever use Krazy Glue again.

    This is perfect around our house. Super glue was the go to glue before we found a bottle of this. I decided to try it because the cost was comparable to what we would have put out for a bottle or two or traditional super glue, when this had a lot more glue in it. The set time is so much less than support glue!! It worked for all of the random broken things around our new rented place. The shelf for the fridge and the door for the microwave.

  • Conservative Reader - WOW.

    Dinesh really brings to light what is in obamas twisted mind. Stops our off shore drilling but give money to SA countries to do off shore drilling. Gives back the bust of Winston Churchill. Why, well you need to rent the video to understand why. Obama is out to destroy this country and people have no idea or care only to vote for a man not to be called raciest.