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azlink - Pulse voor de medische praktijk - azlink is voor huisartsen en verwijzende artsen dé informatiebron over AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV - Pulse voor de medische praktijk - azlink is voor huisartsen en verwijzende artsen dé informatiebron over AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV

  • http://www.azlink.be/de-vasculitisstaf-neemt-systeemziekten-onder-de-loep/ De vasculitisstaf neemt systeemziekten onder de loep - azlink - Door de lage prevalentie en de diversiteit in de presentatie vormen systeemziekten een uitdagende pathologie, zowel qua diagnostiek als qua therapie. 

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    City: 4.35 , Belgium

  • Donald T. Peck - Reason to buy tecnical books with covers instead of on Kindle

    Illustrations and diagrams just don't hack it on a Kindle. Siting in a chair with a good technical book is something I enjoy, Having to enlarge every illustration and/or diagram to read it is not!

  • Michael Hamel - If you're removing adhesive, this is the product you want.

    I bought a truck that had a ton of commercial logos. The vinyl has been removed but the truck was still covered in adhesive. This worked incredibly well and after cleaning the entire truck I still have some left over.

  • Source4all(dot)com - Easy Transition

    If you've worked in VS2005 or VS2008, you'll find this to be easier. The data tools are great, the web tools are pretty good. Not sure why so many "hate the new look and layout"... Is it ugly? YES. Is it easy to navigate? YES. Once you find everything you are used to using, VS2012 is great. I'm a moderately-skilled programmer dealing mostly in VB.NET (for data), ASP.NET and web work. I found these tools to be well thought out and easy to figure out. If you haven't upgraded, you should. Beware, if you have a lot of legacy programs in 2005/2008, you should read about backward-compatibility issues.

  • helstar - Gets the Job Done

    I liked this more than I probably should have. A general description is a merger between Conan the Barbarian and the Hercules TV series from years back.

  • Megan - Trial & Error at 1st attempt, but Results are worth it!!!

    This product really do work. I burnt my legs terribly at first use. I rubbed a little Neosporin on it to help it heal. Fortunately, after 3 wks (wow scary), it all healed leaving no marks. Be forewarned that your skin are different from one location to the next, so adjusting the power lower at more sensitive areas will prevent you from getting burn. I saw results by the second use and it continued to get better after that. So follow the instruction, use a little caution, and good luck.


    Taxes completed.........did not come with necessary letters/numbers to transmit my return....cannot find anyone to be able to get answers........was downloaded on line....never will I ever do this again. Now it is asking I pay 9.95 per tax transmittal>>>>>>???????I have always used H R Block to file my taxes and this has NEVER occurred before now!!!!