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A Pediatrician Answers Baby and Toddler Medical Questions - Dr Maud, a pediatrician gives easy-to-understand health information and practical medical advice to parents of infants and toddlers asking for answers to their medical questions

  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-health-problems.html Newborn Baby Health Problems - Reassurance for New Mothers and Fathers - Parents have so many questions about possible newborn baby health problems. Now you can have peace of mind when you get answers to those common medical questions from a pediatrician.
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-crying.html Why is My Baby Crying? Help for Desperate Mums. How to cope with a crying baby - Easy-to-understand information on the common causes of a baby crying with helpful management strategies from a pediatrician, including information on colic.
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-developmental-milestones.html Baby Developmental Milestones gives the expected stages in the first 6 months - Baby Developmental Milestones - gives milestone over the first six months from birth and links to pages with milestones of infants of older ages
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-feeding-schedule.html Newborn Baby Feeding Schedule - information on formula and breast-feeding - What should your newborn baby feeding schedule be? Is your baby getting enough milk? Questions answered about your babies feeding. What is the right amount of feed for an infant?
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/infant-growth-chart.html Toddler and Infant Growth Chart - a pediatrician explains how to monitor - Links to and information on interpreting a toddler or infant growth chart, with information on what constitutes normal growth
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-poop.html Baby poop. Blood in a baby's diaper. What you need to know - These are so many changes to baby poop (poo) over the first weeks, it can be confusing. Information from a pediatrician on what to expect in a newborn diaper (nappy).
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-sleep.html Essential Baby Sleep. Safe and Healthy Sleep. What parent's need to know - Essential Baby Sleep. Dr Maud's guide to Safe and Healthy Sleep for your Infant. What Parents Need to Know
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/gastroesophageal-reflux.html Gastroesophageal Reflux in Infants. Answers to common questions - A pediatrician gives useful information on gastroesophageal reflux in infants - symptoms and treatment options explained
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-food.html Toddler food - what to feed your child after the first year - Straight forward information about toddler food and nutrition - what foods to give and how much
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/how-to-treat-head-lice.html How to treat head lice. Photo, insecticides, home remedies and shampoo - How to treat head lice with shampoos, home remedies, tea tree oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, essential oils, hot air, suffocation. How to prevent head lice in your child
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-milestones.html Toddler Milestones - what should your toddler be doing - this page ages 2-3 yrs - Toddler Milestones - what to expect from your toddler from 24 months to 36 months of age. Plus link to milestones for other ages
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/potty-training-toddlers.html Potty Training Toddlers - how to know when your child is ready - Potty training toddlers - information on toilet training toddlers, including information on reward charts and how to start potty training
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-sleep.html Toddler Sleep What to do if my baby or toddler won't sleep - My Baby Won't Sleep is a common concern. This and other common infant and toddler sleep problems are discussed
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/developmental-stages-of-infants.html Speech developmental stages of infants and toddlers. What to expect - Motor and Communication developmental stages of infants and toddlers - what to expect in your baby or toddler
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/temper-tantrums.html Temper tantrums - child behavior management for parents of toddlers - Temper tantrums are a common feature of the terrible two toddler. Information on how to stop them from a pediatrician. Behavior management of the two year old "melt-down"
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/child-allergy.html Child Allergy - answers to common medical questions about allergy in your child - Child Allergy - easy to understand information on allergies in infants and toddlers
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-behavior.html Toddler Behavior - how to manage the "terrible two's" and stay sane - Toddler behavior - information and strategies for parents on child behavior management, toddler discipline, and specific behaviour problems including temper tantrums, breath-holding spells, sleeping
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/respiratory-distress.html Respiratory Distress in Babies and Toddlers - information for parents - Read about the signs to look out for, the causes and the management of common causes of respiratory distress (difficulty breathing) in infants and toddlers
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/childhood-constipation.html Childhood Constipation. How to manage constipation in your infant or toddler - Information on childhood constipation including why it develops and what to do about it, including natural remedies
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-development-stages.html Toddler and Baby Development Stages - what to expect of your infant or toddler - Toddler and Baby Development Stages - chart your infant or toddler's developmental progress with milestones for different ages and information on primitive reflexes
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/infant-diarrhea.html Toddler and Infant Diarrhea. When to Worry. - Information for parents on causes of toddler and infant diarrhea and how to stop diarrhea in your baby or toddler
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/ear-nose-throat.html Ear Nose Throat Problems in Toddlers - otitis media, tonsillitis, nose bleeds - Easy-to-understand information on common ear nose throat problems in babies and toddlers, including answers to questions on the common cold, ear infections and glue ear.
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-fever.html Infant and Toddler Fever. High temperature in babies and toddlers - Answers to questions about baby and toddler fever (high temperature), including information on febrile seizures, common infections and medication doses of Paracetamol, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/baby-growth.html Toddler and Baby Growth. Normal growth and feeding practices. Chart growth - Information on toddler and baby growth with feeding advice and links to growth charts
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/infant-immunizations.html Childhood and Infant Immunizations - General information on childhood and infant immunizations with recommended childhood immunizations for different countries
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-infections.html Baby and Toddler Infections - information on bacterial and viral infections kids - Infant and Toddler Infections - easy to understand information about common childhood bacterial and viral infections
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/medicines-for-children.html Medicines for Children - information on common infants and toddlers medicines - Common Medicines for Children - links to pages on specific medications used in babies and toddlers
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/toddler-pain.html Infant and Toddler Pain - information for parents about when to worry - Want to know what causes baby or toddler pain - information on causes with links to useful information and a guide when to get medical attention for headache, abdominal pain, leg pains, neck pain etc
  • http://www.baby-medical-questions-and-answers.com/sick-baby.html Symptoms of a Sick Baby or Toddler. When to take your infant to a doctor. - How to recognize symptoms in an infant or young child that are worrying and indicate a sick baby or toddler requiring medical attention.

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