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  • Suzanne B - Fits great!

    Fits great 2016 Mercedes Benz sprinter chassis. bought for the RV wish they had not notched out for the mirror since there is no mirror , but still great! Highly recommend!

  • N. Deese - A thoroughly enjoyable read!

    Oh how i look forward to Debbie Macomber's Christmas novels! This one so did not disappoint! Loved this sweet romance between a Little Miss Sunshine and her neighbor, Mr. Grouchy Pants. This story was a great mix of humor, wit, and sass with a plot line that stayed light and upbeat most of the way through. A thoroughly enjoyable read and a great gift idea for friends and family alike this holiday season!

  • agnostic - Great products

    This treatment works wonders. Terrific products -- there is true intelligence at work here. After having suffered with skin problems for decades, there is finally something on the market that is simple, effective, and a joy to use. Highly recommended.

  • allen greenlund - It started as an innocent prank and I almost lost my job.

    Not sure if I should rate this product a 1 or 5. It started as an innocent prank and I almost lost my job. I work in a remote location for weeks at time. Pranks are a regular mainstay to help maintain the sanity through the isolation and separation from families. For the first event I initially spritzed a rag with 3 squirts and placed it in my coworker’s office. The smell was quite strong. By the next morning when we arrived for work the smell had significantly dissipated. I removed the rag and the smell went away within a few hours. Everybody that was in on the joke laughed and made fun of his obvious lower intestinal issue and I let him in on what I had done. I then had a lapse in judgement. I have always known that when pranking at work it’s vital that you know your audience. I gave the bottle to one of co-workers and said “have fun”. That’s when the havoc began. Two days later I returned from lunch, and when I opened my office door the smell hit me like a semi-truck. WHAM, I began dry heaving immediately. I quickly shut the door to try and contain the silent turd cloud. The foul smell crept throughout the entire office complex like an invisible fetid death fog spilling from a lake of rotten sewage. I began to panic knowing my manager would soon gain purchase of the putrid smell infecting the entire building. I entered the office and fought the dry heaves in an exasperated effort to find the source and remove it. I was unable to muster the constitution to remain in the polluted stink vapor. I was soon overcome with a primal involuntary urge to hurl my undigested lunch and was compelled to exit immediately. I went to the person I had given license to funkify my office and demanded that he remove the source of the stench. Once he had double bagged the items he had generously sprayed with the Liquid Ass. We opened the office and waited for the obscene fragrance of decaying rhino ass to diminish. Soon the site manager came strolling by asking why the windows were open and proclaiming “It’s cold in here”. He promptly shut the windows. That’s when he caught a whiff of the horrible scent and began to wave his hands in the air with his head dodging back and forth looking like he was trying to evade a swarm of killer bees. Grimacing with obvious disgust he asked, “Did the toilets overflow again?”. I promptly responded that we had an “incident”, but it was under control. I had narrowly avoided further scrutiny. One hour, then 2 hours, then 3 hours past and the smell didn’t diminish. We left the door open for the night and upon arrival the next morning and found the foul stench endured. We sprayed Lysol, Febreeze, and few other odor masking agents to no avail. Day 2 arrived and the smell persisted. Knowing that I would soon be ending my shift and that my replacement would find no humor in having to work in an office with the smell of festering super sewage, I began to panic. Not wanting to see me lose gainful employment, the team rallied. We found carpet squares in a storage locker and spent the afternoon removing the old carpet, deep cleaning, and installing the new carpet. The renovation and exasperated cleaning effort was completed last night, and the faint essence of old man ass still hangs in the air. USE WITH CAUTION, this stuff is powerful. The poison is in the dose.