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Barron Chiropractic: fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain - Barron Chiropractic in Boston offers treatment for fibromyalgia, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Our office has cold laser therapy (low level laser therapy and VAX-D type decompression therapy for herniatede discs.

  • http://www.barronchiropractic.com/carpal.htm carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment - Barron Chiropractic offers surgery-free treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome through low level laser therapy (LLLT) and wrist traction. Our office has extensive on-premise diagnostics of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • http://www.barronchiropractic.com/fibromyalgia.htm Fibromyalgia - Barron Chiropractic offers treatment for fibromyalgia through chiropractic adjustments, massage, diet, nutritional supplements, low level laser therapy (LLLT) and gentle exercises. Our office has extensive on-premise diagnostics of fibromyalgia.

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  • A.S. - There goes our dreams of Harvard

    This is my "go to" diaper cream. It works beautifully and glides over my sweet baby's heinie better than any other product I've tried. My little angel might have to settle for community college or technical school since their 529 contributions have been diverted to supply their diaper cream habit, but a rash-free rump is worth more than an art history degree any day.

  • user - Wonderful brain protector, very light too!

    I have a larger head and this fits it well. It's very comfortable, allows for sunglasses, Roc-Loc 5 works as intended, and it's extremely light. I'm not a professional biker by any means so this was a massive upgrade over normal retail store helmets. Even over some mid range helmets I've had this just blows them away.

  • Beautiful Virgo - Yesss...Chrissy is back!

    I loved the entire book...I love the bond between Majesty & Royal. I need part 2 ASAP....S*** just got real!

  • Chris Aldridge - Sprayed on liberally 2 months ago - have yet to ...

    Sprayed on liberally 2 months ago - have yet to notice an improvement in my streaks in my shingles, but will remain patient as other reviews have indicated it may take up to 6 months to notice the improvement. As I have some left, I will try another treatment in the spring if by that time I still haven't seen an improvement.

  • Glen reiser - Love it

    Have been off and on crutches for a year. This is a lifesaver. I am short height 4`11" and the knee to groin adjustment does not go quite short enough but a folded towel on the knee support took care of it. Assembles quickly and easily no tools required. Took me about 15 min to get confident walking with it. You can't walk "normal" but close. You have to throw your hip out a bit more than usual but it is not uncomfortable. The first day I wore it I had very sore thigh on injured side but that was more from my extended period of inactivity. I was carrying laundry baskets by the afternoon. I am very happy with this product. I am not confident using it on uneven ground but am very confident using it around the house or on level ground. It is not easy to use the rest room while wearing it but it's possible. It is also not easy or recommended to sit while wearing. You have to take it off when seated but it goes on and off quickly especially when you use the quick adjust straps. It is a bit expensive but as I will be NWB for reconstruction it was a great investment.