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Bastyr University Clinic | San Diego | Natural Health Care Services - The teaching clinic of Bastyr University California in San Diego, Bastyr University Clinic offers comprehensive health care services and experts in prevention and natural remedies.

  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about About Bastyr University Clinic | Bastyr University Clinic - As the teaching clinic of Bastyr University California, Bastyr University Clinic offers comprehensive health care for every age group and demographic.Our doctors focus on naturopathic primary care, mind-body issues and nutrition, with a focus
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/team-care What is Team Care? | Bastyr University Clinic - As the teaching clinic of Bastyr University California, we offer a Team Care approach that puts your needs first.You’ll meet with one of our naturopathic doctor (ND) faculty, along with one or two doctoral student clinicians. Your ND will oversee every
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/meet-our-providers Meet our Providers | Bastyr University Clinic - When you make an appointment at Bastyr University Clinic, you are choosing naturopathic doctors (NDs) who are among the most respected in their field.Bastyr University Clinic offers a Team Care model, which means that you’ll meet with one of our ND fac
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/private-practice Private Practice Providers | Bastyr University Clinic - If you prefer to meet with a practitioner one-on-one instead of a Team Care appointment, you may see one of our licensed clinicians during their private practice shifts. Participating insurance plans are accepted, as well as cash, checks, debit cards,
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/dispensary Dispensary | Bastyr University Clinic - Bastyr University Clinic now offers high quality mineral and herbal supplements, in addition to prescription tinctures and teas prescribed by our naturopathic doctors. We also feature Choice medicinal teas in eight varieties which have been formulated by
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/cooking-classes Cooking for Healthy Living Classes | Bastyr University Clinic - Interested in learning how food is connected to your health? Join us for a whole-food cooking class in Bastyr University Clinic’s modern teaching kitchen!Expert Knowledge, Tasty RecipesTaught by adjunct faculty member Fernanda Larson, MS, CN, our m
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/location-hours Location and Hours | Bastyr University Clinic - Bastyr University Clinic is located on the campus of Bastyr University California in northern San Diego.Address4110 Sorrento Valley BoulevardSan Diego, CA 92121(858) 246-9730HoursWeekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings ope
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/frequently-asked-questions Frequently Asked Questions | Bastyr University Clinic - Visiting a naturopathic doctor (ND) can be somewhat different from the standard doctor visit you may have come to expect. From the range of health care services we offer, to longer patient visits, our FAQ answers your curiosities.What should I expect on
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/about/community-care-sites Community Care Sites | Bastyr University Clinic - Naturopathic Medicine Community Care - San DiegoBastyr University California's external clinic program provides basic natural health care to diverse, often underserved, populations throughout San Diego county. The program consists of sites where
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/services Health Care Services | Bastyr University Clinic - Naturopathic care can treat many health conditions, both acute and chronic. With a strong emphasis on prevention as the key to wellness, our providers will help you explore your own personal health history and address dietary and other lifestyle changes
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/services/health-conditions Health Conditions We Treat | Bastyr University Clinic - Bastyr University Clinic offers a broad range of natural remedies and therapies to treat many health conditions – whether chronic, acute or mild.Our naturopathic doctors (NDs) are some of the best family medicine providers in the greater San Diego area a
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/services/about-naturopathic-medicine How Naturopathic Medicine Can Help You | Bastyr University Clinic - Whether you live with a chronic illness or rarely have health complaints, seeing a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) can help improve your quality of life.The only doctors trained to use conventional diagnostic testing and natural treatments, NDs
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/services/lifestyle-counseling Lifestyle Counseling | Bastyr University Clinic - Health is more than the elimination of disease or symptoms. Many studies have shown that mental/emotional stress causes physical changes in the body, which can lead to health problems. Studies also show that the body heals faster and the immune system
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/services/minor-surgical-procedures Minor Dermatologic Procedures | Bastyr University Clinic - Bastyr University Clinic now offers minor dermatologic shifts. Evaluations and procedures are performed in a Team Care setting by Dr. Ryan McNally, ND, MS, PAc under the supervision of John Kasawa, MD. Dermatologic conditions that your care team can
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/appointments What to Expect During Your Appointment | Bastyr University Clinic - As a naturopathic clinic, we take a personalized approach to health care: We view each patient as a whole person – not as a list of symptoms.Whether you are experiencing a specific health issue or simply wish to stay well and live longer, the n
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/appointments/preparing-for-your-visit Preparing for Your Visit | Bastyr University Clinic - Your first appointment will last approximately 60-90 minutes so that your naturopathic care team may conduct a comprehensive new patient overview.Please arrive 30 minutes early to fill out new patient information forms. Or, to save time during check-in,
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/appointments/rates Rates and Discounts | Bastyr University Clinic - Thank you for choosing Bastyr University Clinic for your health care needs. Our clinic operates on a payment-for-services basis: Payment is collected at time of service, and you may pay via cash, credit/debit card or personal check.Rates for Health Care
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/appointments/privacy-policy Privacy Policy | Bastyr University Clinic - Bastyr University Clinic protects the privacy of your medical information.To obtain a copy of your personal medical records, contact our Medical Records office. If you have questions concerning this notice, please ask to speak to the medical records
  • http://www.bastyrclinic.org/appointments/welcome-to-wellness Free Welcome to Wellness Visit | Bastyr University Clinic - New to naturopathic medicine? Learn the basics with a free, 20-minute Welcome to Wellness visit to Bastyr University Clinic.You’ll meet with a naturopathic health care team to learn about the services we offer and to discuss how we can address your p

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