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batlab - CoDEM - Le BATLAB ! - CoDEM - Le BATLAB, la plateforme référente nationale pour le développement des éco matériaux

  • http://www.batlab.fr/index.php/nos-metiers/essais batlab - Essais - Sorption hygroscopique, laboratoire accrédité cofrac, conductivité thermique, matériaux biosourcés, mécanique, résistance à la diffusion de la vapeur d'eau, durabilité,

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  • D Alcazar - too expensive for what it does

    Those who have had one probably agree with me, a massive poison oak or ivy rash is probably one of the most hellish torments there is

  • Batiki - I tried this product for several months (purchased twice). ...

    I tried this product for several months (purchased twice). I noticed from another reviewer that it was noted there are no 'special' ingredients within to warrant the high price tag. I checked this myself and it is true. I admit that my skin did look smoother and my neck less lined while using Sub-D, but not to the degree where it was noticeable to others or particularly remarkable. It's just okay. I will tell you that the one turn off is the smell - very fishy. It does fade after several minutes but it does affect my overall opinion and desire to use this cream.

  • Mike69 - Great???

    It seems to be a great product. I've been looking for that kind of machine for a long time. The only problem: a far too high price.

  • Daniel - Exellent

    I have only one word to describe my opinion about the element Ti4 box, “Amazing” this box has more than expected, the remote and the options you have to control it are very user friendly, the HD output is great and excellent quality, to get Kodi going it will take any person with a little knowledge of XBMC a few minutes, great box the best in the market according to my opinion.

  • Tony Santa Cruz - Tried the product

    My testosterone level was 223 before I started using this product. I was going in for back surgery so needed lab work so asked my Dr to include another testosterone test. This was after using the product for a few months. My new level is 392. I know that level is still not that high but I Sid notice an improvement. I am exercising more so maybe that had something to do with the it too. I was thinking of trying Nugenix or maybe get those $199 per month treatments I hear so much about.

  • S. Fraser - Works if not expired. Don't eat food while drinking it.

    I used this for pre-employment drug screens. Even though I am prescribed mmj my company still tests for it and a positive test is grounds for dismissal, meaning even though mmj is a prescription I will still get fired if caught using it. I am a daily user of about 15mg of THC every evening. Seldom do I use more than that but occasionally I'll partake on my days off work during the day. I have at home THC drug test strips and of course, tested positive. I'm 125lbs and about 20% body fat. I exercise regularly but I'm female so I have more fat than a man would given the same exercise routine. I drank a 16oz Ready Clean in less than 30 mins, waited 15 mins then refilled the Ready Clean bottle with water and drank that in under 30 mins. My first urination tested positive. Second urination tested positive, Urinations 3-6 including the official drug screen were negative. I've done a few trial runs at home with the XXtra Clean from Ready Clean and it doesn't seem to do any better than the 16oz version...just more liquid to drink.

  • retroclassic - Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

    So disappointed to see this bra discontinued! There is nothing else like it! Have worn this style bra for years almost exclusively for a reason-its so comfortable and is great for smaller to medium busted women esp. with bigger band sizes. The cups are smooth and shaping without looking fake and the lace band doesn't bind while giving support with freedom of movement. I sleep in these bras without discomfort. I wear a 38B or 38C and love the 3 hook back wide band as it helps give support and hide back fat as weight fluctuates. Please Warners, bring this Bra back!!!!