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  • A. C. Boydston - A lot of light in a little package.

    I would rate this light 5 stars but I really do not like the memory function: it remembers what brightness it was set to when turned off so it is still set there next time you turn it on (versus resetting to the lowest setting when turned off). I thought I might like this feature but quickly realized I much prefer always being certain that I will not blind myself (or anyone else) when I turn it on. In fact, as careful as I have been, I have already done this. I pulled it out to look for something in the car, turned it on and was blasted with a lot of light. Granted this really is a preferential thing. I can see settings, especially professional uses, where a user always wants it to come on at a fixed brightness without having to mess with adjustments every time.

  • ldc1mom - nat'l park coin folders

    great price. only place I could find them . had ordered 10 so I can fill for grandchildren. I alredy put quarters in that I had so far.