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Salud | Biomedicina | Biotecnología | Bioero.com - Sitio de divulgación de temas vinculados a Salud, Biomedicina y Biotecnología. Trabajo, becas y eventos científicos.

  • http://www.bioero.com/salud/consumo-de-vegetales-crudos-vs-baja-incidencia-de-cancer.html Consumo de vegetales crudos vs. baja incidencia de cáncer | Bioero - Según estudios presentados en una reunión internacional de oncólogos en Filadelfia, Pensilvania, el consumo de vegetales es un valiosísimo aliado en la lucha
  • http://www.bioero.com/biotecnologia-y-sociedad/citoliva-facilita-la-salida-al-exterior-de-la-industria-auxiliar-oleicola.html Citoliva facilita la salida al exterior de la industria auxiliar oleícola | Bioero - El Centro Tecnológico del Olivar y del Aceite, impulsa la internacionalización de las empresas de la industria auxiliar oleícola a través de uno de los
  • http://www.bioero.com/biotecnologia/cientificos-logran-florecer-una-semilla-que-estuvo-congelada-por-30-000-anos.html Científicos logran florecer una semilla que estuvo congelada por 30.000 años | Bioero - Investigadores rusos lograron que floreciera una semilla que estuvo congelada por 30.000 años en el Ártico. Los científicos del Centre for Cell Biophysics
  • http://www.bioero.com/salud/potenciales-riesgos-de-farmacos-contra-el-colesterol.html Potenciales riesgos de fármacos contra el colesterol | Bioero - La FDA organismo regulador de los Estados Unidos advirtió que fármacos recetados para controlar los niveles de colesterol pueden aumentar los niveles de azúcar
  • http://www.bioero.com/biomedicina/celulas-madre-y-recuperacion-cardiaca-post-infarto.html Células madre y recuperación cardíaca post-infarto | Bioero - Investigación llevada a cabo por médicos en USA lograron cicatrizar los daños provocados por un infarto al miocardio con la intervención de células madre del

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  • Karl Johnson - One of the best values I've seen

    One of the best values I've seen! 1080 screen with the ability to go up to 16 gigs of memory, and if you're willing to do some splicing, a 2nd hard drive! all for $200! crazy good deal on this laptop. 

  • Connie Kramer - Oneplus 3 owner is happy

    Bought for my Sdad and it's solid! lasts him about a week with his Oneplus 3 before needing to charge it again! it's awesome!

  • New Orleans gal - Pros and Cons / My Off-label Unexpected Benefit

    I love this product for what it does for my skin. It has, however, totally discolored the neck of many of my expensive white cotton nightgowns. Someone responded that this product is not for use on the neck, but here's why I apply it ( wiping gently nightly with the same single pad) to my face and neck : While no claim is made by the company about its effectiveness in removing, over time, and possibly preventing skin tags on the neck, nor do I maintain that it's suitable for others, it has worked for me for years. I've not had to visit the dermatologist for their removal since I've been using this.

  • Amazon Customer - Good quality volleyball to hit around with on the beach

    Wilson! Good quality volleyball to hit around with on the beach. Lacked some air when I received it, but easily solved with an air pump. Very soft so good on the arms. Looking forward to using wilson every summer.