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  • http://www.breastcancer.co/articles/prevention/ways-to-prevent-breast-cancer Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer - Unfortunately, there is no sure fire, one hundred percent guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer. However, there are some lifestyle practices that women can follow to potentially help reduce her risk of developing breast cancer. These lifestyle modifications include:Limit Alcoholic DrinksAccording to the American Cancer Society, women who
  • http://www.breastcancer.co/../../articles/treatment/breast-cancer-surgery-what-to-ask-first Breast Cancer Surgery: What to Ask First - When surgery becomes part of your breast cancer treatment, which is common, it's important that you know what to expect. Here are some key questions you can ask your physician and surgeon before you enter the operating theater.Once your physician has decided on surgery and you're scheduled to go into a consultation with your surgeon, it's
  • http://www.breastcancer.co/../../news/research/computers-may-now-be-able-to-reduce-false-positive-mammogram-results Computers May Now Be Able to Reduce False Positive Mammogram Results - Researchers are using artificial intelligence to create an automated system for screening suspicious mammograms for breast cancer risk. The software can translate a chart into a risk assessment at 30 times the speed of a human with 99 percent accuracy, its developers claim.The research team, led by Stephen T. Wong, PhD, and chair of the
  • http://www.breastcancer.co/../../news/celebrities/shannen-doherty-settles-lawsuit-over-health-insurance Shannen Doherty Settles Lawsuit Over Health Insurance - Shannen Doherty, best known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990s, has settled her lawsuit against her ex-managers over their alleged failure to secure her health insurance. Doherty claimed that their failure to pay her insurance premiums per her contract resulted in her not having coverage during the time that her breast cancer could

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  • Eddie Chang - Blotchy, itchy.

    I paid for this, and used it as directed. It gives your head blotchy black spots. And itchy too. If you scratch, your hands will be black. If a woman touches your hair, her hands will be blank. How embarrassed will you be? A marker will give more even results.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Although this is a beginner workout, it has a nice pace and is easy to follow. I like th instructor.

  • Unregistered - Timbuk in a Citizen

    The perfect insert for my Chrome Citizen (I purchased the small). A much more convienent and accessible way to carry my camera when cycling. I can fit (without grips) my Canon 5D/7D cameras with a lens attached. Situation dependent, I can fit and additional one or two lenses. I can carry, without lenses attached, a 1D or a gripped 5D/7D and perhaps two lenses. Generally I just carry camera and lens, leaving two spaces open.

  • Hank - Hecho En Mexico - My Very First "Bad" Samsung Product

    This particular unit was made in Mexico, as is the replacement that I received that is working just fine right now. Apparently this one was defective though. After completion of the initial setup there was a 14 inch x 2 inch blocky and pixilated rectangular splotch just off center at the top right of the screen that looked sort of like a leftover artifact from the initial setup screen. There were also a few thin red horizontal lines that ran the entire width of the screen just below that and 3 thin vertical lines also. I was quite surprised since I have several Samsung products that I have purchased over the past years and have never had a single problem of any kind with any of them up until now.

  • gladiator unbeatable - Nice chairs

    The chairs appear really well made. They are sturdy, held up my 285lb brother. Comfortable. I do not like the pillows, so I don't use them. They are HEAVY so I wouldn't advise them for the beach or camping. I use mine on my back porch for summer time hanging out.

  • Tracy L Barker - NO more prednisone for me!

    This truly is like a natural alternative to Prednisone for me! I have battled MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) for a very long time. After diagnosis I was given loads of steroids which just cause so stinkin many side affects but I rebounded so hard that I had no choice to keep going back on them or face organ failures. I found a doctor that helped me to ween off of my steroids 1/4 of a mg every 4th day! Crazy and involved a lot of math and pill cutting, but it worked. I will now avoid them at ALL costs which is hard to do with an auto immune disease. This Black seed oil has me feeling so good, my skin is healing, and my face is so much less swollen that people keep asking me if I am loosing weight! I have forgotten them once two days in a row and no issues, no rebounding, no respiratory distress. It is like all the benefits of steroids without the side affects and instead of aging your organs like steroids - this stuff is healing to them.

  • Lineflyer - Worked For My Small Leak

    I had read many mixed reviews on this product , so I was naturally scared to put it in my cooling system. I had a 2000 Cadillac with a aluminum v8 North star engine. I had just installed new cooling fans , radiator, A/C condenser , I had also replaced the notorious Pain in the A$$ transmission tcc solenoid . When I removed the transmission side pan , I had to disconnect a water line that went to the back of the engine water crossover because , I needed the room for my hand . After I finished the job the line had a small drip every few seconds and would not seal no mater what I tried . It was on the back and in a almost impossible area to reach without major disassembly , and it was a push in line with a internal o ring you could not get to . So I poured about 1/4 bottle of the liquid aluminum in the coolant reservoir to see if it would seal the small drip leak. I then let the car idle for about 30 min with the heater on. Then got on the highway and drove for 45 min. I popped the hood and could not see any more drips.