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Dermatologist Mesa, AZ | Dr. Glenn H. Brown | Dermatology, Skin Cancer - Dr. Glenn Brown Dermatology. Located in Mesa, Tempe Arizona, we are a dermatology practice specializing in dermatology, skin cancer detection, rosacea, acne treatment and surgery

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  • Reagan Emerson - Great solar lights!

    These are great solar lights and can be used anywhere. We chose solar lights for around our pool, pool deck and our privacy fence. These lights are extremely bright for as small as they are. They light up a large area where our house flood lights do not reach. I would definitely consider more of these because of how much light they put out. I received at a discounted rate for product testing and review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no incentives or rewards for doing so. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, not hype the product for the manufacturer. My remarks are sincere and my own. I work very hard trying to write insightful and thoughtful reviews for each item. My hope is that these reviews are helpful to others. While it is true that many items are received at discounted rates or complimentary, my reviews are completely honest and are my personal experiences with the product. Again, it is just my opinion, your own opinion might vary. I received no monetary compensation and not required to give a good review.

  • Steveen S. - Just spend more!

    We have had so many issues with this tablet! Games and books we have purchased NEVER downloaded correctly resulting in far too much time spent troubleshooting the problems. Screen went through a phase of glitching which again required troubleshooting. I fell right outside the return window since "Santa" purchased it too early and trying to return it under the 1 year warranty was going to be painful, so silly me allowed myself to keep getting talked into troubleshooting issues, which I regret. I am finally writing a review because this latest issue is the final straw. The tablet prompted us to connect to the computer. Upon doing so, the website stated it needed a quick update. Nothing else said, just an update. Sadly, all my daughter's pictures and videos were deleted in the process. No where was there a warning about this, and even if there would have been, there was no way to turn the tablet into play mode to download the pictures to our home computer. I not only wish for my daughter to get back all her photos and videos, but I too would love to get back all the time I spent troubleshooting and emailing LeapFrog. "Santa" is now shopping for a better tablet.

  • Laura K. Cocalas - Great product and even better price through Amazon!

    I started a new business in July 2012 and went to my local Best Buy to purchase this particular QuickBooks because it has the payroll feature. As I was standing in a long line, (detest long lines but in this case it paid off), when a gentleman a couple places behind me whispered; "You know Miss, you can purchase that much cheaper through Amazon." I've shopped Amazon for a long time but being a new business, (or otherwise), every penny counts; "I need this NOW!" "Well", he recommended, "Ask BB to match the Amazon price!" As I stood with the cashier I did as he recommended but the cashier had to call her manager. I knew I was holding up the line which made me & I imagine the people waiting uncomfortable, but the answer? There is no way we can match that price! Shocked, I told her I didn't want it, thanked the man and went directly home to see how much I would actually save by waiting? Over $110, shipping included! The savings was worth those few days I had to wait for shipping and the 15 minutes of standing in line. Great product!

  • Vickiet - I can handle it!

    I am 5 foot 2. I have a hard time trimming with a gas trimmer. The WORX WG 160 Cordless Trimmer is light, with an adjustable shaft. It is easy to operate. The string is on a spool, with an automatic feed. This alone is reason to buy it. I have an older more expensive cordless trimmer. Great brand name, but I was spending more time re-feeding the string, than trimming. I have a large area to trim, so I am waiting for a sale on an extra battery. This trimmer pays for itself, rather than paying for a trimming service. Great buy!