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  • Andy Kowalczyk - Good screen protectors...

    These are thick providing great protection to the screen. Easy to apply, unlike the flimsy thin screen protectors that I typically rip off 5 seconds after I put them on because the bubbles drive me crazy.

  • J. Ellen - LOVE IT!

    Love it! Love it! Love it! So easy to handle, lightweight, and the battery lasts long enough for my entire yard. A second battery was very pricey, so for another $45 I was able to purchase another trimmer! So now I have two batteries and two trimmers. I also have the blower which is another awesome tool.

  • FawnG - Caused Diarrhea

    This product caused severe diarrhea and, personally, cannot be good for you. I tried it for 3 months and the only weight I loss was the food I ate. I don't like the approach here. There are more healthy, nutritional ways to lose weight.

  • Samed Diaz - Loved it.

    This coin collecting album is great. It fits the coins perfectly. Could put in and take out super simple. It has a plastic that is stable and one that takes out. The coins fit perfectly in between them. You could see both sides of the coins.

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    Anyone who is interested in living a long and healthy life should read this book. It makes sense! The majority of the public believes that aging is a natural process and has adopted the attitude of "why fight it"? This book will tell you, scientifically, why HGH is vital to extend your life. Everyone over the age of 35 should begin to have their HGH levels checked. After reading this book, I have made an appointment with one of the clinics in the book to have my HGH level checked. I would strongly recommend this book!

  • A. jeffers - Two devices and counting I am planning on giving this as Christmas presents

    Great device an it wakes you up peacefully ,I wrote on my other purchase that the picture of the yellow light is misleading because the actual light is white ,because ours Sun is white not the yellow light represented in the pictures for this device

  • KATHLEEN ENGLISH - Guaranteed to Disappoint

    This book is junk, did anyone even look at it before it went to print? it looks like it was written by someone that doesn't speak English. "Stacking rings" are part of a baby's first vocabulary? On what planet? Does anyone say"telephone" anymore? Will the baby say "stuffed animal"? Has this guy ever been around babies? Its a shameless attempt to make money with no redeeming value except to the writer.