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Especialistes en Disseny web i serveis Internet - Disseny web, posicionament Seo. Som especialistes en internet a Andorra. Serietat, talent, experiencia i tot un equip de professionals al seu servei.

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  • Kristal - Best money I have ever spent!!!

    We also love our Slendertones. My husband has one and I have one as well. This product was life changing for me after I had my son. I worked out everyday before he was born and continued after he was born. But I couldn't get my abs back. My stomach felt like JELLO. So my husband got me the Slendertone. I was scared to wear it at first, I thought it might shock me. But I gave it a shot and ended up loving it. 2 weeks later I could feel muscles in my stomach again. I would say about 4 months later I had the start of a 6 pack and now a year later I have a perfect stomach. I have always used it for 30 mins while I run or walk on my treadmill at least 6 times a week. I even take it on vacations :) Best money I have ever spent!!!!!! I had a problem with mine when I was putting the batteries in once and I called the company and they had me send the broken one to them. Two weeks later they sent me a brand new one with extra pads.

  • Jimmy - Very easy to fly

    Very easy to fly, just get out and fly it. I have no problem flying it outside, be careful if it is windy. I did not get the camera but my next one I will.

  • Hotstack - Nice brushes

    The brush brisles are nice. All but 1 brush have broken. I left my makeup bag in my car in 98 degree heat and I guess it melted the glue that held the handle and brush together. I only use 3 brushes. The others all look similar to each other. So I have back ups.

  • raymond r. ribal - s a good product. to give a better evaluation wii take ...

    some improvement was observed! nothing harmful occurred. it,s a good product . to give a better evaluation wii take more time. this request for an evaluation comes far to soon relative to the condition it clai,s to treat..