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Pharmaceutical Training|Biotech|Medical Device|Cosmetics - CfPIE provides industry approved life sciences technical training for compliance in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and skin/cosmetics industries.

  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/training.aspx Life Sciences Training | Technical | Clinical | CfPIE - We offer life sciences training, including technical and clinical training, to help some of the world's biggest brands improve their business functions.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/custom-on-site.aspx Custom On-Site Training | On Location Regulatory |CfPIE - CfPIE's custom on-site training program offers substantial financial, collaborative and teamwork benefits while learning from industry-active instructors.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/training-advisor.aspx Training Advisor | Classroom Courses | On-Site | CfPIE - Our Training Advisors provide assistance with classroom courses and on-site training scheduling and answer questions about discounts and certifications.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/certifications.aspx Certification | Pharmaceutical | Medical Device | CfPIE - Our pharmaceutical/biotech, medical device and skin/cosmetics certifications are industry-recognized and help add credibility for employees and companies.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/benefits.aspx Certification Benefits | CfPIE - The benefits of our 19 certifications include helping advance individuals' careers to giving companies a competitive edge through personnel development.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/programs.aspx Certification Programs | Clinical Certification | CfPIE - Browse a full list of our pharmaceutical/biotech, medical device, and skin/cosmetics certification programs, which comprise 3 core courses and 1 elective.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/about-CfPIE.aspx About The Center for Professional Innovation & Education (CfPIE) - The Center for Professional Innovation & Education (CfPIE) has offered high-quality life sciences training and education since 2001.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/advantages.aspx Advantages | Leaders in Life Sciences Training | CfPIE - From convenient, industry approved courses to highly-qualified instructors to certifications, see why thousands of professionals have chosen CfPIE for training.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/Instructors.aspx Instructors | Industry-Active Professionals | CfPIE - CfPIE only collaborates with industry-active life sciences professionals so attendees can be sure they're learning the most current, topical information.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/GLP-Facility-Certification-Program.aspx GLP Facility Certification Program | Leaders in Life Sciences Training | CfPIE - CfPIE offers a unique GLP Facility Certification Program that provides clients with the documentation they need in order to prove to the world that their facilities and quality systems are fully GLP compliant.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/leadership.aspx Leadership | Mark Mazzie | CfPIE - CfPIE's leadership is comprised of veteran life sciences professionals, including Mark Mazzie.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/partnerships.aspx Partnerships | PA Bio | BioOhio | MichBio | CfPIE - We partner with some of the country's top life sciences organizations, including PA Bio, BioOhio, MichBio, and others.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/Testimonials.aspx Testimonials | Customer Comments | CfPIE - Browse Training Course Testimonials from course attendees and comments from our organizational customers.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/support.aspx Support | Customer Service | CfPIE - CfPIE's customer service team and Training Advisors are available immediately for any support needed.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/faqs.aspx Frequently Asked Questions | Accounts | CfPIE - Browse some frequently asked questions we receive about classroom courses, on-site training, early bird and other discounts, certifications, and accounts.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/discounts.aspx Discounts | Early Bird | Group | CfPIE - We offer various course discounts, including early bird, multiple course discounts, multiple attendee discounts, and more.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/Teach-for-CfPIE.aspx Teach for CfPIE | Instructor Application - If you are interested in teaching for CfPIE, complete a course director application form.
  • https://www.cfpie.com/content/course-locations.aspx Course Locations|Malvern|Los Angeles|Berlin|CfPIE - CfPIE offers classroom training courses at three locations: Malvern, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, Los Angeles, California, and Berlin, Germany.

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