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Charity Times: The leading Third Sector title for Charity Chief Executives and Managers - Charity Times is the most-widely read UK charity magazine and internet site, offering comprehensive coverage of the financial, business and fundraising management issues facing the sector. It focuses on a wide range of professional areas including management, fundraising, politics, investment, technology, the internet, marketing, banking, accounting and law.It contains advice, information, and news from business experts and leading figures in the charity sector to make Charity Times essential reading for every professional in both large and small voluntary groups who want to keep up to speed with all the latest developments.The principal readership of Charity Times is made up of the following categories: finance director/manager, chief executive/chairman, general manager, managing director, treasurer, fundraising director/manager, marketing director/manager, IT director/manager, development officer, and other relevant specialist departmental managers. From the following types of organisation: charities, voluntary organisations, trusts, healthcare organisations, religious bodies, educational establishments, foundations, institutes and associations.

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  • gb6345 - Great stuff

    I have used this product on my older mobile home. The roof had some bad rust spots that needed repair. I steel brushed the surface, applied a asphalt primer that you can get at home depot(its expensive) and stuck the peel and seal right to it. I have also use the peel and seal right on a steel brushed rust spot. I applied just part of it on then in a test I tried to pull it off....wow it really stuck tight.

  • Joanne Ford - Connection in seconds

    In my search for better fitting headphones, I bought these. I've quite a few wireless earphones. These are the best fitting for my ears - I've not tired having these on (my ears) for hours and they have not been displaced enough to detract from the sound.

  • Micky - Nothing like this SHINE

    GET IT, you won't be sorry! It's MORE than a shine . . . it truly is a FLOOR FINISH!!!! What happened to me was that I got talked into buying one of those hot/steam floor cleaners. Great idea (I found out later) for tile or stone or any surface flooring except wood!! The first time I used the steamer I ruined my beautiful wood floor! It took off the finish completely and I was beside myself. Then I was told about this product who lived in another state and when I couldn't find it in my state (NY) I ordered it on Amazon! I have since found it in specialty stores. It's outstanding and you only have to use it as little as once / twice a year! Now if only I could find the companion 'cleaner' I'd be happy!

  • Patti - Best charging brick i ever used

    I will admit that was kind of a disappointment for me in the beginning, because when I looked at the product on my computer, I thought it would be slimmer and lighter. However, I got used to it very fast, and now I don't even notice it's weight in my bags anymore. I have been using it for a couple of months now with my phone. But now that I have my tablet, it works great with it too. And it is also very solid. The other day, before I could prevent it, it fell off my balcony from at least 5 meters and landed on the ground with a huge noise. Well you would never guess it but when I took it back and plugged my phone in it, it actually worked and is still working properly ! That's how good of a product it is. Of course I don't know if I won't have any trouble with it in the future because of that fall, but it will be my fault. I should have been more careful. If I encounter any problem, I will just buy another one because it's a great product and I highly recommend it.

  • Patrick C. Powers - and a fun review of pop-culture of the late 1950's and early ...

    Do not read this book on an iPhone, there a lots of charts that are too small to read and cannot be expanded.

  • Kirk - They need better SPRAY bottles.

    The liquid is good to mask the smell, but the dang bottle does not spray properly once it is half empty. I have to level the bottle, spray it against a piece of toilet paper, then once the nozzle get properly filled, I can spray in the toilet. So this defeats the purpose since I end up wasting a lot of the liquid overtime. I wish they made them in liquid drops instead of the spray.

  • J. Masteller - Didn't work as described for Shin Splints

    I bought two containers and used the product as described for 2 weeks (the bottles ran out). After purchasing the product someone e-mailed me and asked me to "stick with it for at least ten days" so I did. And after 14 days I can safely conclude that this product did not help my shin splints at all. It's very expensive for the little container you get. They do offer a money back guarantee contingent on you calling in and returning the empty containers, but my wife threw out the containers before I could send them back. So as of now I am out $40, and am back to square one. I guess that's not too bad, but I'm not happy about it.