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  • Amazon Customer - Rock The block

    This thing is a clear choice, i have many Bluetooth speakers and this one takes the cake. The housing is built very well, the bass and treble is damn good, volume goes to 28, inside the house i put it on 12 and that filled my entire living section up with a nice sound, outside the house i leveled it to the the max, no distortion and the bass still rocked but that was a test and its very loud, volume outside on 18 or 20 is pretty reasonable. the radio is louder then the Bluetooth, volume on 12 outside seriously rocks.

  • Dee Dee - Excel 2010 Training Video

    This is very good training for a beginner like me. I wish the teacher could show more examples of designing a spreadsheet. This is great for the beginner to learn where all the tools are and how to use them.