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    Reviewing the novella, Halloween Treats, which is part of a delicious book bundle of other Halloween Treats!

  • Steve - Terrible, do not buy

    Bought the drink from a different website but wanted to share my review with Amazon friends. This stuff does NOTHING! A typical As Seen On TV scam, they get you with the shipping cost and return fees, because they know you will try to return the item. I suggest a glass of OJ and a multi-vitamin.

  • Carlos and Lindsey - So good, you'll need to hide from the kids and yourselves - but they are sugary!

    I have a malabsorptive issue after stomach surgery and need to keep my vitamin B levels elevated to allow it to be absorbed at all times; availability essentially. It's important that I have supplementation at all times, but I've gotten so tired of sublingual tabs and pills; the gummies are a great alternative. The ingredients are gluten-free and vegetarian, which wasn't a huge concern for me, but is so important for others. The issue with that is, wouldn't most people who want gluten-free or vegetarian products be concerned about their diets and want to avoid the sugar in these gummies as well? Because, and it's a good thing for me, these are sweet; they are just like eating grocery store fruit snacks; as in, enjoyable to the effect where you NEED to KEEP these AWAY from kids because they are essentially candy. Be wary! But that's not an issue for me, I'm happy with that, but I feel like that needs to be said for anyone who has kids that could get into these if you, say, leave the child-safe lids opened.

  • Andrew Davies - Excellent, but get a higher dosage, this just makes the bottle go quicker.

    Low potency - I've had no issues or side effects with the 120,000 unit version - so taking multiple doses of this one just made me burn through the bottle that much quicker. I'd highly recommend a higher dosage, as there are no discernible side effects from serrapeptase. This label seems to hold up to one of the more powerful brands I've tried. I'm happy with the purchase but did go back to a higher dosage as soon as this bottle was gone.

  • James S. - The Big Leagues

    This thing is the real deal. I've been putting off getting a nicer keyboard for a while now, but finally decided to step up from a basic Microsoft keyboard that I've been using with my laptop for the past few years, and I'm glad that I did.

  • San Antonio Sam - Same old malarkey from H & R Block haters

    I've used this program for business tax returns and trust returns for over 5 years. It is an excellent product for business returns and I say that as a CPA with over 30 years of doing returns. It has every form from W-2s to 1041 trust returns. Incredible selection--beats brand TT.