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  • will techy - Good product a little pricy

    I started uising this product several years ago to help stablize blood pressure. It has helped and I keep using it.

  • Edward Wieczorek - Old Coke that went flat.

    Some of the original wow factor does not come across with this one. The are no characters worthy of the original except for the ghosts. Good for kids that would scare easily as there are no real scary moments..

  • Ben Trimble - Good Replacement Frames

    I bought these as replacement frames for a pair I had broken. It was a little hard to snap one of my lenses into these frames, though that may have been due to some irregularities in my lenses. After that they were easy to adjust to fit my face. I would purchase these again in the off chance I continue to be clumsy and break my glasses again.

  • Steve - The Best Screen Protector Ever

    Easily the best screen protector that I have ever purchased. It feels great and goes on easy. The included materials (alcohol swab, microfiber cloth, final dust sticker) quickly and easily removed any dust and fingerprints on your screen, and the glass protector itself is easy to position and lock into place. They include a plastic card for squeezing out any bubbles and advise 48 hours to let any small bubbles or minor imperfections ease out, but my screen was great right after application and a little bit of squeezing.

  • Carl - Chaney Indoor Thermometer & Humidity Gauge

    Size and asthetics of the product are great. I checked the temperature and humidity with other calibrated devices and found the temperature to be within 1 degree but the humidity gauge read on the high side between 12 and 14% too high. Called the Chaney 800 number to let them know and they are sending out a new unit free of charge. Their customer service is great - hope the unit they are sending is more accurate than the original one I received.

  • Linda Ashleigh - The hose does kink

    I am a long time customer of Flexogen. However, they have changed something in their hose production, maybe less layers, maybe a softer plastic compound, but the hose that is not suppossed to kink does. I still love our hose and it doesn't kink as bad as less expensive ones, but it does kink. Wish it was the same as the ones I purchased ten years ago.

  • Danyel - Good For What You Need

    Definitely one of the cheaper Internet security sets, and definitely worth it. You can upload it to a few different computers which was nice for both my husband and I. And it is good for a couple yeras which was great deal. It is easy to use, and has a small icon that sits on your desktop to remind you of updates and whatnot.