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  • Gabriel's Buddy - Very good sound, noice cancelling marginal

    These are very comfortable and great sounding headphones. They aren't exceptional for this price range, but very good and something to consider if you otherwise like the style and features.

  • C&EUmmah - Really works!

    I have one Lhasa Apso that lately has been marking/urinating in the same place and we have been totally unsuccessful at getting the smell of the urine out. I have tried MANY products, including Nature's Miracle which DOESN'T get the smell out, works only temporarily and if you have a carpet, the urine gets all the way down to the pad and the smell is VERY hard to get out. When I saw this product at Walmart I decided to give it a shot, but with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Well, I am so glad I tried it because this is the first product amongst MANY I have tried that actually worked. I followed the instructions for odor removal (just pour it on and let it dry over the affected area) and it smelled very strongly of ammonia at first so make sure you open up all the windows...but after it completely dried the smell was very hard to detect and I was amazed it actually worked. Since then I've purchased 2 more bottles of this just in case and plan on going back for more to clean up all my rug. I highly recommend this product and think it is very reasonably priced as well.

  • Kate Cestar - Aim To Be Great, But Never Cease To Be Good

    I subscribe to what James Collins tells us in "Good To Great". All businesses in America should aim to be "great". This book lays out how some of the leading companies have achieved that status. But, they should never cease to be "Good", meaning honest and ethical. Because, like America itself and Americans themselves, if they cease to be "Good" they will cease to be great. We have been seeing that lately in corporate America, havn't we. After reading James Collins' "Good To Great", I suggest that anyone interested in the subject of morals, ethics, honesty, and character in America should read Norman Thomas Remick's book which sets out West Point as a metaphor for America titled, "West Point: Character Leadership Education, A Book Developed From The Readings And Writings Of Thomas Jefferson".

  • S. Smith - Highly recommend

    I have very dark brown hair. It is difficult to get me bleached to very blonde. There is always a residual yellow cast that I have to deal with. This shampoo makes a real difference. Even though the directions don't recommend daily use I do use it daily and have never gotten a purple color on my hair. It is a gentle shampoo and seems to even improve my hair's condition. I like the conditioner as well.

  • Erik H - Good shoe, but beware the narrow fit

    This is a good quality shoe, but it is a narrow fit. I don't have the widest feet in the world, but they are slightly wider than normal, and I had to return these shoes because they were extremely tight on my foot. This is a highly narrow shoe, in my personal experience.

  • Grace - Awesome Stuff.

    Very pretty nail polish. It does take a few coats to make it opaque but I expected that. Ive heard its very hard to get glittery nail polish off but this was very easy with nail polish remover. I recommend getting this.

  • Brian F. Burke Jr. - An Old School Product for a Modern Age!

    I own the Thumper Mini Pro. It is without any doubt in my mind the best electronic massager that is able to be used in the home (as well as at a masseuse's office.) If you follow the instructions it WILL WORK. It is generally unnecessary to push down on it, that also causes it to overheat faster. Use it without any heavy or fuzzy clothing on , such as fleece. It will go longer before protection circuit kicks in. If you leave it on an area using its own weight for 10 minutes or so it will massage deep. It will also heat the area up significantly by transferring its motion energy to the muscles and a conversion to heat energy takes place, it a brilliant design. NO electronic devices are without the the issue of sudden failure, especially one that vibrates and uses solid state electronics. It is their nature to quit suddenly and completely. there is really no way to predict which ones will fail. As long as they have good solder joints and a thick circuit board and thick copper connecting lines, if it were military it would have multi layer connections.I have used it ALOT since my purchase and have had no problems even though it has been dropped and handled roughly at times. No electronic device that vibrates to work will last forever. Think about it, vibrate your flat screen or laptop like that for 20 minutes and see what happens. I am so satisfied i tell everyone I know who lifts weights, post lifting soreness is one of it's most effective things.Or people with joint or muscle issues, like fibromyalgia. The speed setting do different things actually. Faster is not always better for everything and sometimes faster doesn't result in a deeper massage. The fast speed also tends to have an effect similar to a tens unit and the vibrations confuse the nerve signals alleviating pain directly. The fast speed can also also make you itch, it will go away, us a cortisone based creme after massage if it is a problem. I suffer from multiple pain issues from herniated discs to total knee and hip degeneration where as soon as I lose a little more weight will be replaced. The unit has definitely increased my quality of life significantly. No, I am not in any way associated with the company, I stumbled across the product here on AMAZON! I ask all the complainers to think about the nature of the product and read it's instructions carefully I believe that this will increase your satisfaction and understand what the company was up against to make the product work reliably. Just look at the power cord, when is the last time you bought a product with a 12 FT. high gauge power cord? Copper is VERY expensive to the manufacturer and an easy way to increase profits, after all there are extension cords. But an extension cord would have much smaller gauge wires and be less reliable a possibly dangerous. It is this and other things that point out what a quality product this really is. I am pretty sure they will use your feedback to upgrade the next model of the product, I have a feeling that the company would rather build a better product an raise the price to cover costs that to build a lesser product and keep the price the same. It reminds me of the question...what ever happened to small electric devices that could be fixed, such as toasters and such. My Family owned a GE toaster that when you put the bread in is slowly lowered and then when done it slowly came back up, it was full chrome plated steel, with heavy steel and heavy chrome and was fixed at least a couple of time during the first 20 years of my life, I only wish they had offered it to me to fix that last time it needed fixing instead if getting a cheap disposable toaster. Now they have had probably 10 toasters in the past 20-30 years. Such a shame. I disposable society is not necessarily better than a well built society that can be fixed and upgraded. We have just gotten used to it. I believe that this is a product of the old school. It is definitely a product I am glad to have purchased and am enjoying owning, even if it needs fixing in the future (and hope fully not need to be replaced.) Well, I think I have rambled on long enough. Hope my little thesis helps your decision about which product, if any, to purchase. Peace, Brian Burke Jr.