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  • C. Robledo - Fast, effective oil

    Seriously, they're not kidding when they label this oil as "fast". This oil works right away to make those sticky valves well lubricated. Plus, it can last you for a couple of years assuming that you use it sparingly and only when necessary.

  • Steve - Where to start with this magnificent piece of engineering

    Notice the picture has no handle for the flow? Whomever assembled it probably could not figure how to attach it either, no matter set it and go without I suppose. Instructions would be nice other than insert long end, has a bolt on it, won't make the bend to come off and attach as I think it may suppose to. Two U-bolts hold it onto the rack, I don't know who has a set up that could utilize the four sent but that's not me or my Honda. So with weight of salt, it leans back but it will work. Started the motor, takes a couple times to actually start after turning the switch to on, will see how long it works. Given the opportunity, I would only recommend to someone so the can feel the feelings of disappointment with a purchase as I am at the moment.

  • Joshua S. Taylor - Random Comic Review: Ghostbusters Vol. 3

    I was extremely excited to read this volume. I really enjoyed the idea of the Ghostbusters on the road. However, after reading this volume I will say I was a little let down by a couple of the stories. Now don't get me wrong the whole book was enjoyable to read, but it felt like something was missing here in comparison to the other volumes. Though the good thing is that the Ghostbuster team come across as you would expect them to be. I really enjoyed the stories in New Orleans, Roswell, and the Tristan Jones stories in this volume. The other stories were good, but they just didn't fill as great as the others. However, since each location is packed in a short one issue shot the resolutions to all of them fill a little rushed and perhaps a little too easy. I think this book is still an enjoyable read, but misses the mark that the other volumes hit. Though if you enjoy Ghostbusters this series is a great way to continue your enjoyment of these characters that further expands their world.

  • Patrick - Great for getting started with MTG but they have not ...

    Great for getting started with MTG but they have not pulled the Magic 2014 cards out of the box which makes this set a little more difficult to use in Standard.

  • MARCIA D. - working for me

    I'm shocked! not hungry at all and am losing weight . I take one of these and 2 fiber gummies and am not hungry. finally something that is working. Hopefully don't have to have gastric sleeve surgery that I am in the process of being approved for.