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Connected Online Booking System - The NCAT Connected course is aimed at senior healthcare professionals who work primarily in the field of cancer and runs over three consecutive days utilising an interactive workshop approach.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great when operational, but...

    This model may have improved over the years, but I bought the 2005 version to replace a thoroughly gunked up Badger installed by the previous owner. The unit looks good, was easy to install and I was initially very happy with the operation-- as many reviews here indicate, it is very quiet and vibration free. It ran fine for the first three and a half years, then developed a small leak around the axle where it exits the bottom of the case. Dribble, dribble, dribble, but only when in use, so not a huge deal. Then at four years two months (two months out of warranty, heh, heh) the starter motor failed (For those that don't know, a garbage disposer contains two motors- one high torque unit to kick start it and a second to keep it spinning.) There was no way to repair that, not for the average user anyway.

  • Acula - Great..... as a toy

    I think my review is going to be a bit biased. Honestly I would never buy these tools for use in my garage. They are just too flimsy and can only hold up to the lightest of work. I actually bought this set for my son so he can play with them. In this regard they are perfect. One exception is the ratchet itself. This seems to be a better product

  • AdoptiveMum2Seven - A must-have for UPPABaby Vista owners

    I was irked that I had to purchase the snack tray separately for my UPPABaby Vista. It kind of makes sense to me that my $700 stroller should come with the snack tray, and the big-box baby super store that I purchased the stroller at didn't have the snack tray in stock, but of course trusty ol' Amazon had just what I needed! And I received it in two days ;)

  • Su Lee - Affordable and reliable monitor (from a designer's POV)

    I'm a designer and frantically needed a bigger monitor to connect my MacBook to. I wanted to get a decently sized and affordable monitor that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg like a Thunderbolt would. Right around $100, this monitor had great reviews (even had a review from a fellow designer) and had same day shipping. I bit the bullet not expecting much.

  • Spelllesswonder29 - Best shoe EVER

    These are my favorite shoes. I've had three different pairs of this make and I wouldn't buy any other. They don't wear out too fast unless you are very hard on them. My feet NEVER hurt in them. While the design does change every year, it is minimal. I wear them a couple years at a time before getting another pair.

  • Amazon Customer - The sound quality was decent but the downfall was battery ...

    The sound quality was decent but the downfall was battery life. 2 hours to charge and only 3.5 if play time. For the price of 46 dollars I considered a second pair but decided to try other earbuds.