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CoolHeart Afib: The site for answers about AFib and Cryoablation - Information explaining atrial fibrillation using diagrams and animations. Tools are presented that help you know how the information pertains to your situation. Information is designed to help you communicate better with your doctor and get better results from your treatment. Cryotherpy and Cryoballoon therapy for atrial fibrillation is described.

  • http://www.coolheartafib.com/about-me---my-practice.html J Thomas Svinarich: Colorado Heart & Vascular: Heart Rhythm Society - J Thomas Svinarich, his background, education, practice with Colorado Heart & Vascular, and status as Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society.
  • http://www.coolheartafib.com/afib-nuts---bolts.html You have to know how AFib works before figuring out how to fix it. - diagrams to understand what AFib is, what causes AFib, what aggravates AFib, what is silent AFib, how do you diagnose AFib.
  • http://www.coolheartafib.com/stages---progression.html Progression of AFib from paroxysmal to persistent to permanent - Explanation of the progression of AFib through stages from paroxysmal to persistent to permanent.
  • http://www.coolheartafib.com/treating-afib-with-cryoablation.html Cryoballoon and Cyoablation treatment for AFib. - Discussion of the Cryoballoon and it's use to perform cryoablation pulmonary vein isolation to prevent atrial fibrillation.
  • http://www.coolheartafib.com/preventing-stroke-in-afib.html The risks of stroke in AFib and when anticoagulants can help. - Calculate the individualized risk of stroke in atrial fibrillation to determine when anticoagulant medications are beneficial.
  • http://www.coolheartafib.com/treating-afib-with-medications.html Treating AFib with heart rate slowing medications and antiarrhythmic drugs. - Discussion of the use of medications to slow the pulse and use of antiarrhythmic medications to prevent atrial fibrillation.

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