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  • http://www.copakids.com/pediatric-health-news/schedule-your-flu-vaccine-appointments Schedule Your Flu Vaccine Appointments - COPA will start administering FLU Vaccine on September 14th Get ahead of the flu bug, call today to schedule your child’s Appointment at 541-389-6313. The 2016-2017 Flu Vaccines can only be received by injection. Flu​Mist will not be an option in the United States this flu season. For more information,
  • http://www.copakids.com/pediatric-health-news/puberty-classes-return-this-fall Puberty Classes Return This Fall! - Parents, it s time once again to get past awkward! Great Conversations Puberty Classes for girls and boys returns to Bend this fall in a new one-day only format, with acclaimed speakers Julie Metzger, RN, MN and Robert Lehman, MD. The one-day only classes (one for boys and one for
  • http://www.copakids.com/pediatric-health-news/puberty-conference-for-kids-and-their-parents-returns Great Conversations Puberty Classes 2016 - Back by popular demand, Great Conversations Puberty Classes for girls and boys returns to Bend this spring (May 6-7 for girls, May 13-14 for boys), with acclaimed speakers Julie Metzger, RN, MN and Robert Lehman, MD. The classes will be held at Pacific Crest Middle School and reservations will be
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  • Marc Trevino - Bowflex Series 7 vs. Sole F80

    I owned a Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill for a couple of years. It was repaired several times after suffering mechanical and electrical problems, but never again ran properly. After disappointing customer service with Bowflex (Nautilus), I replaced it with a Sole F80. When comparing my ownership experience with both treadmills, I recommend the Sole F80.

  • Musicfan1984 - A jumbled mess.

    This album is easily the worst they have released. Pretty much a straight up indie record, more interested in weird, boring songs than the classic JEW that is expected of them. Not very good.

  • Denise Goring - Hip, Hip Hooray

    Okay this is total OP (Old People) Geriatric type of post but Oh well! My hip has been hurting for a few months and the pain got pretty bad the last few weeks. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and have been going to a chiropractor, and getting acupuncture, cupping, massage 2-3 times a week with little relief. I probably bought every concoction out there. Even went to some Japanese store and bought God knows what kind of ointment where the entire package was in Japanese but it had a picture of a person holding their back so i figured it might work. But it didn't. Nothing seemed to get rid of the pain deep in the joint. Then i bought some Penetrex. At first I thought $20 for 2 oz was a lot....but it was more than worth it. When I got it I opened that bad boy up in parking lot and started slathering it on my hip in the car. I couldn't wait.

  • tiffanylynn - GREAT game. My 7 year olds favorite.

    Lego always puts out great games and this one is no exception! Highly recommended for fans of LEGO gaming. My son can't wait for the next one in this series.

  • marginalefforts - Great issue; white supremacists huddle around Trump candidacy

    Great issue; white supremacists huddle around Trump candidacy; George Packer tours the Parisian banliues searching for jihad, which turns out to be less a matter of class than an existential quest; Jelani Cobb reflects on changing quality public education in the context of multicultural changes in Queens and America

  • Jennifer - Training videos were a great way for us to get ideas on how to ...

    I bought these bands for my 10 year old son in preparation for the upcoming football season! He used it with various exercises and drills. He was able to increase his speed and build his endurance with resistance bands.