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  • The Bradley Family - Jammin

    If you like Just Dance you will love the upgrades in this game. It is super fun to play alone or with a group of friends!

  • wiser consumer - Excellent black and white version but the colorized is good too.

    I've owned a version of this movie for many years, beginning with the purchase of a VHS copy from the University of Washington in Seattle sometime in the 70s. But as I progressed to DVD versions, it wasn't until I got a colorized copy that some scenes made sense. For instance, the scene where Tiny Tim is looking through the front window of a toy shop -- there had always been toys I could make neither head nor tail of. Another was the scene where the Ghost of Christmas Past transported Scrooge into the snow covered fields of his youth. In that scene both Scrooge and the ghost were filmed to appear transparent and, so, were difficult to make out in black and white.

  • Reasonable Mike - Great Quality Grass Seed

    Far better than the grass seed you can obtain through your local garden center. After many years of using other seed with mixed results, I'm glad I found this brand. Even in shady areas that have been problematic I now have quality grass. One thing to mention, don't spend your money on this if you don't plan to regularly fertilize and, where necessary, water. TurfTrust and Ringer are both excellent.

  • sara - One Star

    Smells good but didn't notice any results and the container does not look like the picture advertised.

  • Macomacotic - very easy to use

    The software was highly recommended by a friend. The user interface is very easy to use. I have used Norton and I have just dumped Kaspersky as it used to too much resource and crashed and caused freezes.

  • Priya Smith - It works, but have an extra filter handy, and be prepared to repeat process

    This is Michael, Priya's husband. we have a used 1998 Sundance Optima that was leaking at a rate of at least an inch a day. I think that's literally about 12 gallons PER day, whether we used it or not. It was likely leaking from multiple sources. I bought the 32-oz size to ensure we had enough. used about 1/3 of it, then--as the instructions suggested--put a marker to show the current water line (I used duct tape) and waited a day, then another. It completely fixed the leak. Then I plugged in our filter and ran it normally, since the instructions say if you use a smaller amount, you can do that. Had the "Flo" error within a day or so. The spa motor sounded horrible. Was not sure if it was the motor or the filter until I removed the filter and tried it without. Spa motor was fine, but I plan to replace the filter instead of cleaning it. I imagine it's probably caked with the teflon or whatever they use. The filter cleansers are more to kill germs and fungi, and remove dirt.

  • bannb WA - LONG-TIME USER NOT IMPRESSED with Kaspersky Internet Security 2015!!!! CAUSED LOTS OF PROBLEMS.

    I have used Kaspersky for YEARS without any issue and really liked it until I installed Internet Security 2015 on my Windows 7 64-bit computer around the 4th of July. The first issue I had was getting it installed as I kept getting an error that I needed to install the latest .NET but it was already installed. I am fairly computer savvy and uninstalled, reinstalled, ran all their utilities, checked for malware with every scan known to man, all to no avail. I had to contact Kaspersky support multiple times as their fixes did not work; they finally told me I would have to contact Microsoft support to resolve the issue. Well, that was another time-consuming process which ended with my getting my operating system reloaded. Odd I never had any .NET errors until I tried to install 2015. Microsoft got Kaspersky installed for me as well and I thought all was a-okay until my computer started occasionally freezing on me; and it was not long thereafter that it froze up big time where I could not login, restart, or shutdown. I had to bring it to a computer repair (for 5 days) and they told me Kaspersky was the culprit and that the program had not installed correctly; they said it appeared parts of the program were missing. So the computer shop got Kaspersky installed AGAIN but now I notice several little warning windows that I never had before while on common website such as "we cannot guarantee this is a secure connection" as well as "secure keyboard input has been disabled" even though that very box is checked in the settings. I have unchecked it, restarted, then rechecked it and I still get the error. I am LOATHE to contact Kaspersky support AGAIN about these annoying issues as I have given up enough of my time to their obviously bug-ridden 2015 version! I will be looking very hard at another security software program before I renew another Kaspersky.