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  • Pharmacist Mom - This IS the right product!

    Don't listen to the people complaining that they were sent the wrong product by Green Dot sellers. Apparently people are freaking out because the packaging now says Philips Zoom in large print. This is the real stuff. From the NiteWhite website:

  • David - Two 👎👎down!!

    Very disappointed! I was really looking forward too, and hoping this movie would be as good if not better than the original. In my opinion, this movie was a flop. CGI was awesome, but CGI doesn't make a movie.

  • kerrie Reason - Wasted my Money

    Hi I hate this product. I spend $70.00 or more getting the product and here and the mail file to make the damn thing work would not load up and so whole thing useless. What makes me more cranky is that I asked if this product was suitalbe for use in Australia and was told it was ok. This is the second time I purchased this product very annoyed at the money wasted

  • molly6374 - Viviscal Professional 60 Count ... Viviscal

    I took some for a month or two and it seemed to help a little, but then I ran out and have been sick for awhile. I am about to start on these again to see if they will help. A hair stylist recommended this brand to me. I figure if it is vitamins or nutritional supplements, it should help and shouldn't hurt to take it. I haven't noticed any side effects of taking it.