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DAKOTACARE South Dakota Health Insurance Coverage | Affordable Health Insurance in SD - DAKOTACARE individual and group health insurance plans provide quality coverage, freedom of provider choice and health and wellness programs that work to improve the lives of our members in South Dakota and beyond.

  • https://www.dakotacare.com/agents DAKOTACARE Agent Information | Individual and Group Insurance Agents - Current DAKOTACARE agents can access information here on individual and group health plans in South Dakota.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/current-employers Current Employers | DAKOTACARE Health Insurance Information | South Dakota - Employers offering DAKOTACARE health insurance can access health plan information here.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/current-members/member-access/ Member Access to DAKOTACARE, DAS, DAKOTACARE One, State Employee Health Plan - Access your membership login or register as a member of one of DAKOTACARE's individual and family plans.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/providers DAKOTACARE Providers Information | South Dakota Physicians - Current DAKOTACARE providers can access information here or register for DAKOTACARE Access.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/about-us About Us | DAKOTACARE - DAKOTACARE is the most comprehensive physician network ever assembled in South Dakota, with health insurance plans that include flexible premiums, deductibles and co-payments.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/contact-us Customer Services Contact Us | DAKOTACARE - DAKOTACARE is owned by South Dakota physicians and proudly offers South Dakotans the best comprehensive and affordable health insurance.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/current-members/ Current Members | DAKOTACARE - DAKOTACARE members can access online provider networks, forms, coverage information and added benefits about their South Dakota health insurance plan.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/ DAKOTACARE Employer Health Care Plans | Group Health Coverage - DAKOTACARE offers small and large businesses a variety of comprehensive group health plan options.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/added-benefits/ Added Insurance Benefits | DAKOTACARE Employer Health Insurance Options - DAKOTACARE group health plans with added benefits and programs, are the most comprehensive plans you can buy.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/testimonials/ Testimonials & Case Studies | DAKOTACARE Reviews - See what our members are saying about DAKOTACARE: South Dakota’s Health Insurance Company.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/freedom-emarket/ DAKOTACARE Freedom eMarket | DAKOTACARE Employer Group Health Plans - The DAKOTACARE Freedom eMarket offers a solution for employers of any size and gives employees control of their own health benefits.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/other-products/ Added Value Options | DAKOTACARE Employer Health Plans - Round out your health insurance benefit by offering additional insurance options for your employees such as life, dental, vision disability, and accident insurance.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/other-products/dental/ Dental Coverage | DAKOTACARE Dental Insurance - DAKOTACARE in partnership with Companion Insurance Company offers employer based dental insurance.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/other-products/disability/ Disability Insurance | DAKOTACARE Group Disability Coverage - Help your employees increase their financial security with Disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance from DAKOTACARE.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/other-products/life-insurance/ Life Insurance | DAKOTACARE Employer Life Coverage - Working with Companion Life Insurance Company of North America, DAKOTACARE offers group term life policies to meet your needs.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/other-products/voluntary-workplace-products/ Voluntary Workplace Products | DAKOTACARE Supplemental Insurance - Help your employees supplement deductibles and co-insurance gaps with voluntary, supplemental insurance.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/das/ Employer Health Insurance Plans | DAKOTACARE Self-Funded Options - DAKOTACARE Administrative Services (DAS) is a third party administrator (TPA) that manages claims processing for many self-funded health plans.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/employer-plan-options/compare-plans/ Compare Employer Health Insurance Plans | DAKOTACARE | South Dakota Insurance - DAKOTACARE offers five employee health insurance plans that meet the needs of all South Dakotans.
  • https://www.dakotacare.com/current-members/preventative-health-services/ Preventative Health Services | DAKOTACARE Current Members - DAKOTACARE Preventative Health Services covered under the Affordable Care Act.

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  • Stephen W. Smith - Not as good as they basic

    Got the complete to renew my expired addition and found that I could not save my passwords. So every time I go to a site I have to sign in my password. Windows cannot even save them. Tried to call for tech support and was on hold for over an hour before I gave up. Will try a new program.

  • bexLOVESbooks - Another Masterpiece By CD Reiss!

    I have read, and I have LOVED everything C.D. Reiss has written. The woman never EVER disappoints. Marriage Games, while it was a completely different journey then Reiss has taken us on before, it oozed with her signature raw emotion, lust and passion.

  • Robert E. Davis - I enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to the ...

    I enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to the next one . The story kept me interested and I didn't put it down till it was finished and it is very rare that I do a book in less than two settings. Great story.

  • georgina - I did not like it at all

    Stories were plain, graphics horrible. I dislike it so much that I delete it from my device and my cloud. I'll never make the same mistake of getting anything from same compiler or publisher

  • angelagail - Works!!!!!

    I have been trying for two years to get my eyebrow to grow uot from the thin way they were. Used.to be the style. But at my age, i want fuller thicker eyebrows. And I've been using it on my short eyelashes.

  • Thierry T - Great and not running hot.

    Works great and did not get hot using it with a last generation MacBookPro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)

  • RGV Shopper - Looks like alot of fun

    Just got my model in the mail today. Very impressed with the multiple spruces. The parts looked very detailed and little to no flash. Its molded in light tan and has allot of Chrome. Seems to be about 300 parts. I will be building this for a while as I tend to paint everything that is not chrome or clear. looking at the instruction book might be a little confusing as stated in other reviews. Does have pictures and lists of stuff to do but not a lot of blown up assemblies. Will see. I think this will be a great time sink and look great when I'm done.