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    I've been using this for about four months now. It IS a bit pricey for 2 oz, but a little bit does go a long way. It initially feels thick to the touch, but after you apply it, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling plump and moisturized. I use it on my face, neck, top of my hands and even around my eyes and on my eyelids.

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    I've been drinking this daily for a month with no results, my joint pain even worsened as I informed them. Although they informed me that sometimes it takes several months to see results (beyond the 30 days, of course), I am returning the remaining cans but being stiffed with the rather expensive return postage.

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    You will have to call QuickBooks support (not an easy number to find) and be on the phone for 45 minutes to activate this subscription. You will also have to give your credit card even though there is no reason for QuickBooks to have your credit card number. I did not want to give my credit card number to Intuit -- I already bought the product and do not want auto renewal. there is absolutely no reason they need my credit card number!!!

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    Made things easy by contacting McAfee and they updated my McAfee LiveSafe 2014 version with McAfee LiveSafe 2015. Also purchased this from Amazon instead of from third party sellers. Won't purchase from third party sellers as I don't need some of the nonsense that takes place.

  • Amazon Customer - Roger Waters' finest hour

    Depending on one's mood, this is either one of the finest albums ever recorded or an overambitious, self-obsessed, claustrophobia-inducing morass of sound. In reality it is both. Totally apart from any other Pink Floyd record - although their previous album "Animals" set the pace for it - this is almost ninety minutes of Pink Floyd music. The increasingly Mussolini-like figure of Roger Waters resulted in his nasal tones replacing the more mellifluous voice of guitarist David Gilmour on almost all the songs, whilst keyboardist Richard Wright's voice is completely absent from this album. Indeed, such was bassist Waters' dissatisfaction with Wright's playing on this album (his marriage had recently broken up, so his mind was on other things) that he issued the organist with an ultimatum: at the end of the sessions he was to leave the band, or else Waters would not sanction the release of the album. Wright wasn't about to call Waters' bluff, and he actually left the band before the record's completion. Session-man Freddie Mandell was drafted in to play on the album's opener "In The Flesh?" and its counterpart "In The Flesh." Wright returned to the fold when Pink Floyd took "The Wall" on the road in 1980, but it was a musician on a wage, rather than as a member of the band. Inter-band wranglings plagued the whole project. Indeed, Roger Waters is the only member of Pink Floyd to appear on every song on the album, as drummer Nick Mason was replaced by Jeff"~ Porcaro on "Mother," and David Gilmour does not feature on some of the more orchestrated pieces on the second disc of the album. them, from the disco-esque "Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)," to the heavy metal pastiche "Young Lust," from the hammy Gilbert and Sullivan-styled operetta "The Trial," to the folky "Mother." However, as Roger Waters subsequent solo work attests, the lyrics here are of primary importance. The story, such as it is, concerns a rock star (called Pink Floyd) who, after undergoing the trauma of losing his father in World War II, is mentally abused by sadistic schoolmasters, an overbearing mother, and an unfaithful wife. This causes him to construct a "wall" around himself, protecting himself from the outside world. He is in this catatonic state when it is time for him to perform at one of his concerts. Unable to take the stage in such a stupor, he is drugged by a "doctor" so that he can perform (detailed in "Comfortably Numb," arguably Pink Floyd's finest moment). But when he reaches the stage, he mistakes the crowd for a fascist rally, and behaves accordingly, leading them through the streets of London on a racist spree of destruction. At the last moment, Pink's latent conscience kicks in and he is put "on trial" in front of his peers. His sentence: to tear down the wall. This being done, Pink can finally see the ones who genuinely care for him. But the album closes with the phrase "Isn't this where..." which links up with the opening of the album, the words "...we came in?" This applies the building of the wall to Everyman,"~ making the project universal. heavy-handedly approximate today), this album will have something for everybody who is into rock music. Best listened to (as with all good albums) from start to finish, on headphones, this album represents the pinnacle of Roger Waters' acheivements. While 1983's "The Final Cut" was sonically similar (and melodically: it recycled leftover songs from "The Wall"), Waters' moroseness had reached its zenith, and the album may be considered overly personal. He left Pink Floyd soon after, and considered the band "a spent force creatively." When Messrs. Gilmour and Mason regrouped to record under the Pink Floyd moniker, enlisting Richard Wright and "The Wall"'s producer Bob Ezrin to assist, Waters took them to court over the usage of the name. The bitter and lengthy dispute that ensued did nothing for either side except make them loathe one another. Pink Floyd now peddle a watered-down equivalent of their mid-1970s work, sorely missing Waters' lyrical bite, while Waters continues to pen increasingly elaborate concept works. Only on 1992's superb "Amused To Death" has he come close to emulating the best of his work with Pink Floyd, although his 1990 revival of "The Wall" with guest musicians (although no other members of Pink Floyd), at the fall of the Berlin Wall, was one of the rock spectacles of the century. Whilst egoism and stubbornness, back-stabbing and the building of the kind of personal walls this album warns about, have blighted Pink Floyd's post-"The Wall" career irrepairably, in "The Wall" itself Pink Floyd have created one of the all-time great rock albums. Along with "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn,""Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Wish You Were Here," this is a Pink Floyd album no self-respecting rock connessieur should be without.

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    This knife, when sharped properly is by far one of the best in it's class. I've used it for cutting wire, onions, small tree branches and rope and I must say if I ever needed another, this will be the first choice.Slices through everything I throw at it.