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Dermatologist Burbank - Dermatology Clinic Northridge - Serving Burbank and Northridge, CA, Skin & Beauty center is a dermatology clinic that specializes in skin care procedures. Contact our dermatologists today!

  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/ Dermatologist in Northridge - Dermatology Burbank - The dermatologists at SBC provide medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology to patients in and around Northridge and Burbank.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/william-coleman-md/ William Coleman, MD - Dermatologist in Northridge & Burbank - William Coleman, MD is a board-certified dermatologist in Northridge that treats all kinds of skin conditions.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/david-friedman-md/ David Friedman, MD - Dermatologist in Northridge & Burbank - David Friedman, MD is a board-certified dermatologist in Burbank that specializes in Mohs surgery.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/ava-khosraviani-md/ Ava Khosraviani, MD - Dermatologist in Northridge & Burbank - Ava Khosraviani, MD is a dermatologist in Burbank and Northridge that specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/payam-saadat-md/ Payam Saadat, MD - Dermatologist in Northridge & Burbank - Dermatologist in Burbank, Payam Saadat, MD specializes in cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Dysport and more.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/manjunath-vadmal-md/ Manjunath Vadmal, MD - Dermatologist in Northridge & Burbank - Dermatologist in Northridge, Manjunath Vadmal, MD provides surgical and non-surgical approaches to treat skin rashes and cancers.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/kristen-ochsner-pa-c/ Kristen Ochsner, PA-C - Physician Assistant in Northridge & Burbank - Kristen Ochsner, PA-C is a Physician Assistant in Burbank and Northridge. She strives to help each patient look and feel his or her best.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/jenna-trubschenck-pa-c/ Jenna Trubschenck, PA-C - Physician Assistant in Northridge & Burbank - Jenna Trubschenck, PA-C is a Physician Assistant in Northridge. Her background includes procedures with chemical peels, lasers & dermal fillers.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatologists-northridge/nora-friedman/ Nora Friedman - Medical Aesthetician in Northridge & Burbank - Medical Aesthetician in Northridge, Nora Friedman specializes in microdermabrasion, light and color therapy, oxygen infusion and more.
  • https://www.dermla.com/dermatology-services-northridge/ Acne Treatment Burbank - Botox / Dysport Northridge - Skin Cancer Treatment - At Skin & Beauty Center we offer an array of services including Acne Treatment, Botox / Dysport and Skin Cancer Treatment.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/ Dermal Fillers Burbank - Botox / Dysport Northridge - Chemical Peels - The dermatologists at SBC in Northridge provide Cosmetic Procedures such as Botox / Dysport, Dermal Fillers and more.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/botox-dysport/ Botox / Dysport Northridge - Wrinkle Reduction Burbank - Our Northridge dermatologists perform Botox, to help reduce the signs of aging and fine lines.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/chemical-peels/ Chemical Peels Northridge - Skin Rejuvenation Burbank - Patients in Northridge or Burbank that want to improve the appearance of their skin opt for chemical peels.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/dermal-fillers/ Dermal Fillers Northridge - Anti-Aging Treatment Burbank - Our Northridge dermatologists use dermal fillers to help improve the contours of your skin.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/laser-skin-resurfacing/ Laser Skin Resurfacing Northridge - Scar Reduction Burbank - Laser skin resurfacing involves peeling off the top layers of skin to create a rejuvenated look. Learn more at our Northridge office.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/latisse/ Latisse Northridge - Eyelash Extensions Burbank - If you are located in Northridge and would like longer, thicker and darker eyelashes, you may qualify for Latisse.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/lip-augmentation/ Lip Augmentation Burbank - Lip Enhancement Northridge - SBC offers lip augmentation to patients in Burbank, Northridge and surrounding areas, to bring back volume and structural support to the lips.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/microdermabrasion/ Microdermabrasion Burbank - Skin Resurfacing Northridge - Serving Burbank and Northridge, the team at SBC offers microdermabrasion, a procedure to help smooth and refresh your skin.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/micro-needling/ Micro-Needling Northridge - Skin Rejuvenation Burbank - People in Northridge or Burbank opt for micro-needling to treat the appearance of fine lines, acne scars.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/kybella/ Kybella Burbank - Chin Reduction Northridge - Remove Double-Chin - Kybella is a minimally-invasive procedure performed by Skin and Beauty Center in Burbank and Northridge to remove the double-chin.
  • https://www.dermla.com/cosmetic-procedures-northridge/vein-treatments/ Leg Veins Northridge - Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment Burbank - Sclerotherapy can help to get rid of unwanted spider or varicose veins. Get in touch with our Northridge team to learn more.
  • https://www.dermla.com/medical-procedures-northridge/ Acne Treatment Burbank - Levulan PDT Northridge - Omnilux Light Therapy - The dermatologists at SBC in Northridge provide Medical Procedures such as Levulan PDT, Acne Treatment and more.
  • https://www.dermla.com/medical-procedures-northridge/acne-treatment/ Acne Treatment Northridge - Scar Removal Burbank - Are you a patient in Northridge or Burbank suffering from acne? The team at SBC can help you get treated.
  • https://www.dermla.com/medical-procedures-northridge/eczema/ Eczema Treatment Northridge - Atopic Dermatitis Care Burbank - Patients in Northridge that have red, flaky, scaly, irritated, itchy, oozy or cracked skin may be diagnosed with Eczema

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