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Protect your family's health | Health and hygiene | Dettol - Dettol has been trusted by medical professionals for generations to kill germs and protect you and your family's health.

  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/about-us/ About Us | Germ protection for healthy families | Dettol - For over 70 years Dettol has been a leader in germ protection and hygiene. Safeguard the health of your family through better hygiene with Dettol today.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/about-us/our-history/ Over 80 years of family protection | Health and hygiene | Dettol - For over 80 years Dettol antiseptic has been trusted by medical professionals. It is now an essential part of family protection and a healthy, hygienic home.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/about-us/what-drives-us/ What drives Us | Health and hygiene | Dettol - For over 80 years Dettol has helped protect family health by preventing infections with its unrivalled germ protection. Make Dettol part of your healthy and happy family.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/products/ All products | Cleaning products | Dettol - Dettol cleaning products help you to protect your family from germs. Our product range includes hand washing and cleaning products as well as disinfectant.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/products/search/bar-soaps/ Antibacterial Bar Soap | Antiseptic Soap | Dettol - Dettol Antibacterial Bar Soap provides 100% germs protection. It cleanses and protects your skin to give you a healthy, clean and refreshing feeling every day.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/products/search/liquid-handwash/ Antibacterial Handwash | Liquid Hand Soap | Dettol - Hand washing is essential for a healthy household. Dettol offers Liquid Handwash product that protects you against germs and help cultivate healthier family habits.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/products/search/kitchen-gel/ Kitchen Gel | Liquid Slab Gel | Dettol - Dettol kitchen and slab Gel provides sparkling clean dishes and kills 100X more germs. Dettol kitchen gel makes your kitchen healthy and clean.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/products/search/antiseptic-liquid/ Antiseptic Liquid | Multipurpose Disinfectant Liquid | Dettol - Buy Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid for 100% skin germ protection. Dettol Antiseptic liquid can also be used as a household disinfectant.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/ Your family | Family health | Dettol - Make your home a happy one with our family health, home cleaning and hygiene tips, brought to you by Dettol.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/pregnancy/ Pregnancy advice | Health and Hygiene | Dettol - Caring for your baby starts even before your bump arrives! Learn how to stay healthy, hygienic and happy during your pregnancy with these tips and pregnancy advice from Dettol.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/pregnancy/staying-healthy-during-pregnancy/ Stay healthy during pregnancy | Food hygiene | Dettol - Follow our hygiene advice through all stages of pregnancy to help avoid colds, flu and tummy bugs. We even have a few tips for morning sickness.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/pregnancy/preparing-for-your-baby’s-arrival/ Pregnancy checklist | Nursery hygiene | Dettol - Ensure good hygiene is on your pregnancy checklist. Find out how to get a germ-free nursery and prepare for a healthy birth at home or in hospital with Dettol
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/pregnancy/stages-of-pregnancy-and-pregnancy-tips/ Stages of pregnancy | Pregnancy calendar | Dettol - Find out what to expect during the stages of pregnancy and get great pregnancy tips on lifestyle changes and improving home and personal hygiene with Dettol
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/newborn-care/ Baby Care | New Born Baby Hygiene Tips | Dettol - Learn valuable tips on newborn baby care. Learn how to keep your baby healthy by protecting them from harmful bacteria with tips and advice from Dettol.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/newborn-care/bringing-your-baby-home/ Bringing baby home | Immunisation advice | Dettol - Bringing your baby home for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. Follow our simple baby care tips from hygiene to vaccinations to keep your baby healthy
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/newborn-care/nappy-changing/ Nappy Changing | Preventing Nappy Rash | Dettol - Nappy changing is a big part of being a new mum. Follow our baby changing tips and advice on good hygiene to help reduce the risk of nappy rash.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/newborn-care/bathing-your-baby/ Bathing baby | baby Care | Dettol - Get healthy tips on sponge bathing and tub bathing your baby, including cleaning little creases, umbilical cord care and disinfecting baby’s tub with Dettol
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/newborn-care/breastfeeding-and-bottle-feeding-your-baby/ Breastfeeding | Sterilising baby bottles | Dettol - Get breastfeeding and bottle feeding tips, plus find out how good hand hygiene with Dettol can help kill germs and bacteria to keep you and your baby healthy
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/ Infant and Toddler Development | Teething | Dettol - Infant and Toddler Development | Teething | Dettol Protect your little one from germs with these hygiene tips for the toddler years! Tips and advice brought to you by Dettol for teething and potty training.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/teething/ Teething symptoms | Caring for baby teeth | Dettol - Learn the signs of teething and how a little gentle brushing and good hand hygiene with Dettol can help to keep your baby’s gums and first teeth healthy
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/toddlers-guide-to-hand-washing/ Handwashing technique | Family health | Dettol - Teaching your toddler the correct hand washing technique, and other hygiene tips brought to you by Dettol can help keep your whole family healthy!
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/potty-training-and-hygiene/ Potty training | Potty training tips | Dettol - Is your little one ready for potty training? Learn to know the signs and get potty training tips to make the process simple, fun and germ-free with Dettol
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/healthy-hygienic-feeding/ Family hygiene | Health and hygiene | Dettol - As every parent knows good hygiene, hand washing and proper sterilisation of baby bottles are important for protecting your family. For more hygiene hints and tips, visit Dettol today.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/make-your-home-baby-ready/ Baby Proofing Your Home | Providing Safe Play | Dettol - Children and babies are natural explorers. Follow our home baby proofing tips and hygiene advice to give them a safe place to play
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/your-family/infant-toddler-development/healthy-start-to-school/ Back to School Hygiene | Antibacterial Soap | Dettol - Back to School Hygiene | Antibacterial Soap | Dettol Starting school is an exciting time, but don’t let your home hygiene lessons go out the window. Follow our top tips for battling those back to school bugs.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/illness-prevention/ Illness and prevention | Infection control | Dettol - For over 80 years Dettol has been an integral part of infection control, preventing common illnesses and as part of first aid.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/illness-prevention/about-germs-illness-prevention/all-about-germs/ What Are Germs? | Germ Protection | Dettol - What are germs? Are all germs harmful? How do they spread? And how do germs and bacteria get into the body? We’ll answer your questions.
  • http://www.dettol.com.bd/illness-prevention/about-germs-illness-prevention/preventing-disease-and-infection-control/ Prevent Diseases & Common Illnesses at Home | Dettol - Are you concerned about germs in your home? Focusing on the germ hotspots will help protect your family from common illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.

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  • matt watts - Juice Plus

    Since starting taking this product after 4 months my chest triglycerides have dropped by more than half and my cholesterol more than 80 points no other changes in llifestyle or diet

  • Amazon Customer - I like the hidden zipper pocket for storing my cell

    This has been so helpful. The cupholders we bought from UppaBaby stick out on an already wide stroller, and need to be removed before folding the stroller. This does not interfere with collapsing the stroller. I like the hidden zipper pocket for storing my cell. I wish I had bought this earlier!

  • cruisin60 - sugar spikes

    Tried to locate the ingredients for this product by could not find it. It seemed as if shortly after taking the shakes, my sugar spiked and I am a diabetic. After a couple of days of having very high sugar levels, I gave all my products away. Not recommended for diabetics.

  • Rachel - PCOS Miracle Drug!

    I got diagnosed with PCOS 7 year ago. I am 32 years old and I am trying for baby#3. I have had two healthy sons with medication to induce ovulation. As always having to have medication to ovulate my new doctor told me about Pregnitude so I thought I would give it a try. I took it for 8 days and I ovulated (using BBT and ovulation tests) my cycle that sometimes 6 months long is now down to 28 days and I have only used it for less than 1 month. The results for me were unbelievable and I have severe PCOS. I will tell everyone to try this that is TTC!!