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Donate Your Car | Donate A Car - Donate A Car provides industry-leading car donation processing services. With our assistance, donating your car for a charitable cause is free, fast, and easy.

  • http://www.donateacar.com/find-a-charity/ Donate a Car to Charity | Donate A Car - Donate a Car makes donating a car to charity easier than ever with a comprehensive directory containing information about all of their partner charities.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/faq/ Frequently Asked Car Donation Questions - DonateACar.com - Receive a car donation tax deduction when you donate your car to charity. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on our DonateACar.com FAQ page.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/about-us/ About Us - DonateACar.com - Powered by the IAA Donation Division with over 165 locations, receive the best car donation precessing services to help a trust charity with DonateACar.com
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/humane-society-of-the-united-states/ Donate Car to Humane Society of the United States - DonateACar.com - Donate a car to the Humane Society of the United States and help reduce animal cruelty. Your car, truck, boat or RV donation can make a difference today.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/cancer-research-institute/ Donate Cars for Cancer Research Institute - DonateACar.com - Support Cars for Cancer Research Institute when you decide to make a vehicle donation. Change lives and get a free vacation offer when you donate today.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/american-diabetes-association/ Donate A Car to American Diabetes Association - Donate car to American Diabetes Association and make an impact towards finding a cure for diabetes. Fast, free towing and tax deductible.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/uso-world-headquarters/ Donate A Car to USO - Lift the spirits of those fighting for your country and their families by donating a car to the USO (United Service Organizations).
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/juvenile-diabetes-research-foundation/ Donate Car to JDRF International- DonateACar.com - Donate a car for JDRF, the leading supporter of T1 diabetes research. Give your boat, RV or car and improve the life of someone affected by this disease.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/paws-performing-animal-welfare-society/ Donate Car to PAWS Performing Animal Welfare Society - DonateACar.com - Have the last clap when you donate a car to the Performing Animal Welfare Society. Show your appreciation for talented animals through this short process.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/national-kidney-foundation/ Donate Car to National Kidney Foundation - DonateACar.com - Donate a car to The National Kidney Foundation and you can enhance the life of someone at risk for or affected by this disease. Give your car today to help.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/lupus-foundation-of-america-inc/ Donate Car to Lupus Foundation of America Inc - DonateACar.com - Car Donation to Lupus Foundation of America is fast, free and tax deductible. Bring nationwide attention to an undeserved disease with your vehicle donation.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/childrens-miracle-network-hospitals/ Cars for Kids - Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals - DonateACar.com - Your cars for kids donation provides comfort, treatment and hope to hospitalized children and their families. Please consider donating your car to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/earthshare-national/ Donate Car to EarthShare National - DonateACar.com - Acknowledge the achievements and goals of the EarthShare National when you donate a vehicle to them. Get excited for increasing tax deductibles.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/american-kidney-fund/ Donate a Car to American Kidney Fund - DonateACar.com - Support The American Kidney Fund in fighting kidney disease by donating your old car today. Car donation is tax deductible. Fast, free pick-up when and where it's convenient for you!
  • http://www.donateacar.com/charity/paralyzed-veterans-of-america/ Donate Car to Paralyzed Veterans of America - DonateACar.com - Thank American soldiers by donating your old car to Paralyzed Veterans of America. Vehcle Donation is Tax Deductible and PVA offers free next-day pick-up.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/alabama-charities/ Donate a Car in Alabama | Donate A Car - Help drive change. Donate a car in Alabama to your chosen non-profit organization and participate in charity that is free, convenient, and rewarding.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/alaska-charities/ Donate a Car in Alaska - Donate A Car - Find a nonprofit organization in Alaska to support through the donation of your vehicle. Take advantage of free towing and tax deductibles today.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/arizona-charities/ Donate a car in Arizona - DonateACar.com - Locate a nonprofit organization to make a charitable donation of your car, truck, RV or boat to in Arizona. Make a difference in someone's life today.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/arkansas-charities/ Donate a Car in Arkansas - Donate A Car - Receive tax deduction and free towing when you donate your car to a nonprofit charity you select in Arkansas. Do your part in changing a life today.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/california-charities/ Donate a Car to Charity in California - DonateaCar.com - Donate your car truck boat or RV to a California charity. Find scores of respected car donation charities in California and donate online or call us toll-free.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/colorado-charities/ Donate Car Denver, Colorado - DonateACar.com - Donate a car in Denver and other cities in Colorado and make a real difference in your community. Choose a local cause and improve a life of those in need.
  • http://www.donateacar.com/connecticut-charities/ Donate a Car in Connecticut - Car Donation CT - DonateACar.com - Donate your car truck RV or boat to a Connecticut charity. Search hundreds of respected charities in Connecticut. Call us toll-free or donate your car online.

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    Its a great product!!! I usually can't find a comb head that fits my blow dryer without slipping off....I'm 100% satisfied!

  • cBetz - It's all relative!

    With spare, predictable vocabulary this little book makes a BIG point. Children as young as four should be able to learn that although we are alike in being different. Can't wait to read more by this author.

  • Amazon Customer - Low rating for the customer service

    Going through my 89 year old father's credit card statement, I noticed he was paying for online access to Encyclopedia Britannica. I poked around and found he had been for years. He has macular degeneration, is nearly blind and had not, of course, checked into the site for a very, very long time. I called customer service and explained that he was old and couldn't access the site. The fellow on the other end barked "Well I couldn't know that could I?" I was taken aback: I hadn't even asked for a refund. He then told me he could would cancel the account but only refund the current bill, semi-arguing with me though I still hadn't asked for anything except to cancel.

  • Wendy Cobrda - Beautifully crisp screen, easy to set up, great price.

    We love it -- HOWEVER -- we had a strange incident which never happened in 25+ years of buying monitors! Got this for my son. While everything appeared to be perfectly fine, something went awry in manufacturing. The base and screen connection was defective. The screen fell right off onto his keyboard and shattered within a week or so of us getting this monitor. The good news is that Amazon and Acer stand behind what they sell. I was able to exchange it without hassle and am waiting on the new monitor to arrive tomorrow. I imagine the new one will not have the same problem as the first, it was likely a fluke. Great price, beautiful display and easy to set up.