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  • Kev and Deb - Great product!

    This device is perfect. The ease of use is amazing. We set up the account and registered device at sensored life. Went to our place in northern Maine, plugged it in and I was able to go to the website and there was all my info. Told me the temperature, humidity, and status of power. I unplugged unit to test and within a minute got a text alert. Plugged it back in and got another text alert with status!! You do need good cell service however. Best investment we have made in a long time. Price is great for such piece of mind. We are ordering another for our residence in mass.

  • Vermont Chick - More Contemporary Women's Fiction Than Thriller

    This was my Kindle First pick for October and I was ready for a psychological thriller involving a wronged wife. While the initial chapters provided a suspenseful introduction to the possibilities of how Evelyn, the wife, might seek revenge on her husband and his lover, the book was not a thriller. It did a good job of capturing the fears, confusion, pain, and disillusionment experienced by a woman who is the victim of an unfaithful husband. It presented her with a dilemma involving right and wrong and forced her to make decisions about a situation that threatened how the community would view her and her family. But there was no suspense or sense of real danger other than social rejection and embarrassment and the possibility that her husband would lose his license to practice medicine. While that would have been painful and disruptive, it was hardly tragic, especially since neither Evelyn nor her husband were particularly sympathetic characters and both needed to grow up.

  • Edward Paolo - Width - arch - ankle support is good

    Width seems good. Arch and ankle support also seems good. A little uncomfortable around the collar of the boot - hope that will abide .

  • Drake - Clear pictures

    The sound quality is good and so is the picture and video quality. I wanted this camera to record moments with my family and so far it is doing a great job. :) I love how you can take a photo while you record it is really convenient. The zoom is excellent. And the screen flips which is great too. For the price this camcorder is exceptional.

  • Ryan Reynolds - The Anti-Aging Eye Cream is too good

    I checked out OROGOLD for the first time during my trip to Las Vegas. Since I was travelling on a budget, I refused to be wowed into buying products at the mall, but I definitely pocketed the free samples that they had to offer. The free sample that they offered had a moisturizer of some sorts which I happened to use during the trip itself. I don’t know if it was the moisturizer or the fact that I was super excited to be in Vegas, but my skin really began to glow.

  • Fred Olowu - Thanks.

    Sony need to make some improvement here, the shot power is tool low. 2013 PES is much better......the buying experience from the seller was good.

  • Vance R. Howard - Better than what I was using.

    I was using Avast on 2 machines and AVG on 1 machine. They were worthless. Installed eset nod32 and it caught many dangerous files and after it got rid of those files, My machines sped up. That may be due to uninstalling the other software though.