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Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | Dr. Olivier Meyer, your multilingual doctor in Pattaya, Thailand French - English - German - Thai - Dr. Olivier Meyer, Your Multilingual Doctor in Pattaya, Thailand French - English - German - Thai  | Specialising in Anti Aging

  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/about/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | About Dr. Oliver - Diploma of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland 1990-1991:, he spent one year in Aranyaprathet (Thailand) working as anesthetist
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/our-services/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | Our Services - Dr Olivier Meyer has the Thai Medical Registration No 23750 Dr Olivier Clinic is fully registered with the Thai Ministry of Health
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/vitamins-cocktail-infusion/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | Vitamins Cocktail Infusion - I would be surprised if anyone reading this has never had to deal with the pain of the morning after following a heavy night out
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/dhea/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | DHEA - DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone appears to be one of the major therapeutic advances of the past twenty years.
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/stem-cells/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | Stem cells - Stem Cells are cells that are able to differentiate into more specialized cells and are one of the body's fundamental tools and mechanisms for self-repair.
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/category/articles/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | Articles - Dr. Olivier Meyer, your multilingual doctor in Pattaya, Thailand French – English – German – Thai
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/3-calorie-laden-thai-dishes-to-avoid-if-you-want-to-lose-weight/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | 3 Calorie-Laden Thai Dishes to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight - Thailand has always had a reputation for delicious dishes that are not only great on your taste buds but also healthy to eat too. However, some are not.
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/could-my-hair-loss-be-down-to-andropause/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | Could My Hair Loss be Down to Andropause? - Though there are many reasons for hair loss, but have you ever considered that yours might be down to Andropause? Find out more online today
  • http://www.dr-olivier-clinic.com/7-tips-for-beating-that-ghastly-hangover/ Dr Olivier Clinic | Pattaya Thailand | 7 Tips for Beating That Ghastly Hangover - Each of those handy little tips will go a long way to help preventing hangovers and making them easier to deal with the morning after. Find out more

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  • Randy Williams - i think i am in love

    my wife has a macbook air which set me back over a grand. i could not pay that much again but i also wanted a light and easy to use machine for myself. i also wanted it to be very thin with a solid state HD. well, this thing is awesome and all for $250. the only concern i had was if i could use it offline. when i realized that i could, i was thrilled.

  • Augie - Microsoft Access

    Purchasing through Amazon-dot-com has been a real pleasure. No strain - no pain. The Microsoft Access was needed to help carry out chores for a local club to which I belong. Shifting gears from the old Access XP to the new version 2010 takes a little work. I have a habit of falling back to old keystrokes or task selections, then finding out they don't "work that way" any more. As with any new, upgraded software it takes time going through the book to get checked out. Software works fine.

  • Caleb - TurboTax worth the money: pass on this

    Software wanted $19.95 to e-file an extension. Other than that it worked ok but I have had much better experiences with TurboTax in the past.

  • 10onthe5 - Best Salt Lamp Ever Purchased!

    Wow! I'm IMPRESSED with how well this salt lamp works to purify the air! I bought it because we moved into a new home and woke up sneezing and congested everyday. We deep cleaned the whole house and it was still happening. I love that the stones are protected in the plastic and do not leak when this lamp is on. Overall I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a quality salt lamp!