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  • P. G. Murray - Better then expected

    After reading some of the reviews I was expecting poor acting and not much of a story line. For the most part the acting was good to very good. The story line I found to be very good and came together very well at the end. It was nice not to have a movie with out cussing. The reference to god and how those who did not believe had a change of feelings. Was nice to see in a movie although I feel it may have been over done just a little That's why only 4 stars. This is a movie you can watch with your children. It's a good addition to my movie collection.

  • Daveofva - So big, even a caveman can see it.

    I thought about this for a few minutes before I pulled the trigger. I just couldn't clearly make out every blade of grass while watching football on my 75-inch, 1080p tv, so it was time for an upgrade.

  • Jane Eyre - Krud Kutter KK01 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

    Order was processed and delivered promptly. I ordered this large bottle after testing out a smaller bottle for a tough cleaning job of old kitchen grease from a wall behind a stove. I used it full strength with a scrubby sponge and just kept working on the area with the problem. It also loosened up some of the spatters so I could use a scraper to knock those off easily. I prefer using the Krud Kutter to some citrus products which had strong citrus odors. Krud Kutter didn't have much of an odor. My go-to cleaner for grease is plain ammonia, but my hubby objects to the odor, so this works for us.

  • Cindy-Ann Samuel - The only product that worked for me

    I am a real person who surffered with acne for years, as an adult it was embarassing. I used make up to cover my acne and I tried many pruducts. After doing some research I found the acne.org website and decided to purchase the products with high hopes. After two weeks of continued use as directed my cystic acne was gone and my face just had a different appearance, it looked more radiant. I would recommend this product to anyone, give it a try. I am very happy that it worked for me and will continue using it. One thing I would say which is consistent with the other reviews is that it dries out your skin so be sure to use as directed and apply moisturizer, I started using St Ives moisturizer at the side of my nose, on my chin and around my lips as these are the areas that gets the driest for me and I needed extra moisture. This did not affect the results I got and like I said its worth it. Now i have clearer skin

  • M.A.K. - Do NOT Buy

    The people who have bought this game should seriously consider a class action lawsuit. I paid $70 for the deluxe edition for my son's birthday and it worked for less than an hour. It did not save the game and it crashed every 5 minutes on his year old computer. Went and downloaded it on my computer which is less than a month old and a "gaming" computer and had the same issues. Even when you do get to play the game, the maps are so small, they limit creativity. The intuitiveness that makes Sim City so great is gone. I filled up my map in 30 minutes on sandbox mode (cheat mode is now available in game)and had to start bulldozing in 40 minutes. Would love to tell you what happened in 60 minutes but I cannot because the game crashed then and continues to crash after 5 minutes for nearly every player (go look at the metacritic and EA/Origin forums).

  • Lioness - Worth the Investment in your Child's future!

    So, My high-school aged son is dead set on joining the military. His school offered the ASVAB and he did well. Unfortunately, the choice MOS' require extremely high ASVAB scores. Knowing that we went and convinced the recruiter to retest my son. This book as well as the flashcards (another brand) helped immensely! My son's retake did the trick by teaching him in subject areas where he had no previous exposure such as electronics and automotive. Money well spent!