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  • Amazon Customer - On a positive note it was pretty easy to get off my hands

    I received this as a free sample from PINCHme. They came in two small .05oz packets. I have MS and sometimes my hands don't work very well and it was hard to get the packets open. I had to fold and squeeze to get the product out of the package, the first time I used it it kind of flipped back and fell out of my hand. Had more success with the second package. Both times I used the cream I put it on my lower back and it was only minimal relief. Overall, it didn't really work for me. On a positive note it was pretty easy to get off my hands, you have to wash your hands afterwards and some creams feel like they never get cleaned off, but my hands felt clean after washing this off. I do want to say that it could be unsuccessful because I didn't get enough in the samples. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with the product.

  • D. Norris - Good Season, Poor Release

    The show is still going strong after five seasons, which is a testament to the cast and crew, as so many shows fail within two to three seasons. I would rate this seasons DVD release if not for two things: 1 - No blu ray release. 2 - The episode with Wo Fat is duplicated on the disc I received, so the episode after it is not on the DVD. Hopefully this is something that can be resolved soon. I would appreciate it if anyone who is also experiencing this would reply to this message.

  • Juan Marco Victorio - Excellent console, need some updates but has the best games right now

    I've been playing with my Day one edition for the past 2 months now, and I can say that with a few updates the console will be perfect. I have no interest in PS4 exclusives right now, but I had fun playing Ryse, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and am looking forward to Halo, Quantum Break, Titanfall an other future exclusives.


    I GOT THE SAMPLE AND RETURNED IT WITHIN THE TIME. HOWEVER, I LOST MY RECEIPT BUT CALLED AND SPOKE TO SOMEONE WHO LOOKED AND SAID THEY RECEIVED IT. I KNOW THEY DID. NOW I GET A BILL FOR $173.11 FOR WHAT?? 2 little bottles of nothing that does nothing. If I have to contact an attorney I will do so as this is not worth. None of these things are worth it as they do absolutely nothing. Skin for seem smooth but the moment you take it off, it is back to where it was before. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE SCAMS. Surgery or Botox works. NOTHING ELSE.