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  • Sister - Very nice!! Good Magnet

    I am using this case as I type!! Very nice!! Good Magnet! Holds many credit cards! I have 8/9 in it right now...And a few business cards too and it still shuts!! I want another one in another color!!

  • ZacAttack - Good product. Quick install if you ditch the printed instructions

    First off, this item saved me some $$$ versus buying the factory parts. The install for the first rail took me an 90 minutes. The instruction were terrible, so finally after about 30 minutes I said screw it, and figured out how to do it on my own. With that said, the second rail went up in less than 30 minutes and ended up looking better than the first. My advise: use your intuition and common sense. Scratch the instructions!

  • GrillMaster - Worth the money

    I bought this kit for my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT and it worked like a charm. It makes the aftermarket stereo installation look professional. Highly recommended.

  • Katyann Driver - learning new words

    I bought this book at a awesome price and this is my honest opinion and review :-) I paid full price for this.