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  • Dwayne A.McClellan - Norton forever

    This program does exactly what it advertises., I will be upgrading my second notebook when the current product expires. I have used Norton since I built my first desktop and then upgraded it to a 386DX2 66Mhz system. I recommend this product for all users of desktop and notebook sytems

  • Tonyzway86 - Fast shipping

    I love my new dodge mats, they fit perfect in my new car. they are east to clean and fit right into the floor. I have a 2013 RT charger and they look GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Francis-Vu Anh Tran - Not even worth one star!

    I was very disappointed at the product. I purchased two health BG1 for my parents. They both work for three months and stopped working. I thought it was just the software issue, so I deleted, reseted and reinstalled but both of the iHealth didn't work at all. I even tried to change to other phones but both didn't work. I sent an email to iHealth lab. Hope they can solve the issue.

  • Dan Krischke - This poster is really neat. I saw it and ...

    This poster is really neat. I saw it and ordered it without hesitation. Kudos to the folks who engineered this poster.

  • S. Dumas - Awesome!!! My daughter's Hair looks gorgeous!

    My daughter has corkicelli or 3b curls. Her hair looks gorgeous with the Curly Girl method and this stuff. I also bought the Knot Today detangler. This custard gel is all natural, it smells great, it has no harsh chemicals, and it looks amazing. It washes right off your hands when you are finished applying it, too. We think it's worth every penny. While we are "Curly Girl Method" dropouts, we will use this gel forever. It has some info we missed, when we were just reading on the internet about the CG method.

  • C Strong - Absolutely fantastic product. We have a white stucco home

    Absolutely fantastic product. We have a white stucco home. Within 24 hours nearly all the algae was removed from my stucco home. 48 hours later, our house was brighter and cleaner than when we spent $800 to have our house power washed by a professional. I do recommend that you protect your grass and plants near the areas to be sprayed because it will kill them. The good news; the grass will grow back. We could not be more pleased with this product.

  • Paige H - Loving this plant-based protein!

    As an athletic vegetarian who aspires to be all-natural, it's hard to find a way to stay away from nutritionism while still giving my body what it needs to continue performing well. Although I believe protein powders are generally processed and are not as natural as say the protein found in peanuts, mushrooms, or meat; Plantfusion is a happy medium between the processed and the natural. My favorite aspects of this protein powder are the vegan, 100% natural, non-GMO, soy-free ingredients. There is also no xylitol used to sweeten this powder either, another winning factor for me, as I have experienced intense migraines with very similar protein powders that DO use xylitol. This product instead uses stevia, as a sweetener I presume, and though I would prefer it did not contain this either, I have resolved to use it despite that.