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Elis Amâncio - Elis Amâncio é jornalista especialista em Comunicação Digital e Mídias Sociais. Tem palestrado em todo o Brasil sobre o tema Mídias Sociais na Igreja, Jornalismo Gospel e Assessoria de Imprensa Gospel.

Country:, North America, US

City: -117.8612 California, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Great Stroller...Combi Twin Sport

    I really like this one over the other we've tested. It's easy to pack and manoeuvre very well. For its size it take about the same space as a single stroller. I would recommand this to anyone that have twins or kids that are one or two years apart.

  • Amazon Customer - It didn't work. My friend weighs 185 and is ...

    It didn't work. My friend weighs 185 and is a heavy smoker. Avoided toxins for 72 hours (directions say 48 hours) and drank the stuff with the water. Didn't work. Bottle says GUARANTEED --- NOT! Don't take the chance with a real lab.

  • M. C. Tee - I expected the worst

    I was expecting terrible. My standards are super low for movies lately. I think most American directors of mainstream blockbusters like these have completely given up and are just collecting a paycheck. At least I hope so, cuz a monkey with down syndrome could write a script better than most of Hollywood these days. But I digress. This movie was fun and entertaining and I'm really into the Rock lately. His acting skills have improved with each film he does and he seems like a reallly nice guy. I enjoy watching him on HBO's Ballers. Check out the show and watch this movie.

  • Lisa M. - Give Them a Try, But Don't Rely Only on the Pouches

    I'm vigilant when it comes to rodent elimination. I live in the city in a first floor apartment and mice are an unavoidable consequence of convenient city living. When I discovered a mouse in my apartment, I logically knew that there were more to come if I didn't put up a strong front.

  • Amazon Customer - Hype

    Hype nothing else but hype created but so many reseller's supposed great experiences. People there is NOTHING beneficial about this coffee at all. It's very well packaged and has almost vanilla like scent but I can feel some cheap sugar in it too. By feel I mean people that have elevated glucose in their blood can physically sense it's effects. Other than that coffee has a pleasant taste and it's not as acidy as some but not worth the premium price at all.

  • D. Rodriguez - My life has changed completely

    My breath was so bad that people would move away from me when I spoke, which made me never want to speak to people or to feel obviously awkward when I did. I tried the rinse and toothpaste and I NEVER have that problem anymore. I am not shy about speaking anymore and I feel SO much more confident in general. This is a real dream come true for me. Abolutely give it a try if you are suffering from bad breath whatsoever.

  • Jillian S - Great game for family game night!

    My kids love it, it's exactly how I remember playing all those years ago as a kid. Pretty easy to understand, my 5 year old can play but needs a little help and guidance. My 9 year old is ruthless lol! All in all a great game for family game night :) we don't use the fire and ice pieces, to be honest I didn't even realize they came with this set. I have kids ages 5, 7, & 9 so we ignored that extra set of rules for the moment.