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Elizabeth Street Medical Centre Pty Ltd - Elizabeth Street Medical Centre is a general pratice with over 35 years of providing holistic patient-centred care for all ages.

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City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • KA207 - Very Helpful!

    I love his books! They give great deal of logistical information that a lot of other books (that might have more attractions) don't go into. The organization of this book is also great and makes it easier to explore the country sides and not just the main cities.

  • Beer Pongger - It works for me

    After oil pulling with coconut oil first thing in the morning for 6 weeks(but I also brush and floss) my dental hygienist was flabbergasted at how my mouth and teeth had improved. No plaque and my teeth color did not deteriorate since my last visit. My teeth coloring was one major problem I have always had-extra work to whiten but made the dentist richer. Since beginning oil pulling, I only have to go every 6 months instead of 4 months. In the future I will probably go yearly instead now that my mouth is great. Since I will not have dental insurance for long, this little book has become a marvelous money saver too. I have always enjoyed history and Dr. Fife's clear writing of the connection between oral hygiene and the onset of many illnesses is illuminating, and just plain fun!

  • Farmgirl - This is a great product for women premenopausal and after

    This is a great product for women premenopausal and after. Have used this product for over 20 years have not had night sweats or any symptom

  • Oscar Hunter - The audio is especially clear

    It works very well with my Galaxy S5, The audio is especially clear and is the best I have ever heard.