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FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - Move beyond just treating the symptoms, solve the cause of your health problems with Naturopathic Medicine. At the Family Health Clinic in Langley, BC, Canada we treat the whole family using natural therapies backed by traditional knowledge and scientific research to help achieve optimal health and wellness for all ages.

  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/naturopathic-medicine/ Naturopathic Medicine — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - One of the fundamental goals of naturopathic medicine is to find and treat the root cause of an illness, not just to relieve the symptoms . . .(Please use mouse to scroll down on each web page)
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/our-team/ Meet The Clinic Doctors — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - Biography of Family Health Clinic Doctors:Dr. Sleigh, Dr. Carlson-Rink, Dr. Ezebuiro, Dr. D'Souza-Carey, Dr. Masters
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/our-team-4-1/ Meet The Clinic Midwives — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - Biography of Family Health Clinic Midwives:Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink, Zoe Broersma
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/what-we-do/ What We Do — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - Our mission is simple: provide safe, effective, natural healthcare that works and helps you feel better!
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/specialized-diagnostic-tests/ Diagnostic Testing — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - Finding the Cause of your symptoms frequently lies in looking at tiny details."We see what we look for, and we recognize what we know" . . .
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/clinic-dispensary/ Clinic Dispensary — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - "We are committed to YOUR best health . . . naturally".We only stock professional quality natural medicines and supplements that give excellent results for best value.
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/our-fees/ Our Fees — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - We strive to offer both value and excellence in the services we offer at the Family Health Clinic in Langley, BC.
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/appointments/ Appointments — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - For Appointments, please call: 604-534-9121At this time we are not able to book or change Appointments by emailHOURSMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday8:30am — 5:00pmSaturday9am — 1pm(Please use mouse to scroll down each page)
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/for-new-patients/ For New Patients — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - What to Expect at Your Visit & New Patient FormsFor Appointments Telephone: 604-534-9121HOURSMonday. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday8:30am — 5:00pmSaturday9am — 1pm
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/location/ Our Location — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - The Family Health Clinic address is:Suite #104, 6396 - 197th StreetLangley, BC  V2Y 2T2  CanadaTelephone: (604) 534-9121Fax: (604) 534-3553
  • http://www.familyhealthcliniclangley.com/help-yourself/ Help Yourself — FAMILY HEALTH CLINIC Langley, BC - Help yourself to downloadable instructions for our common Home Remedies, our Recommended Reading List, etc.

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