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Affordable Healthcare Phoenix - FIT Health Care Clinic - FIT Health Care Clinic is a family practice medical walk-in clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer an affordable healthcare treatment to all your health issues.

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    When Gabriel first stepped on the scene I was a little concerned that he would not fit in with the tough as nails, never show weakness, never give up Medlov Men, but he really came into his own with this book. We saw Gabriel go from a fun loving rich kid to a hardcore mafia bad ass and I loved it. Kidnapped, locked up, beaten and fed slope for weeks, Gabriel never broke, he kept his head about him, knew he would get his revenge and get back to his woman and when it was all said and done got his revenge on all who thought him weak and claim his woman. Valeriya on the other hand had a battle of her own, holed up in the Prague Chateau with the Medlov men, women and Briggy. The family had their doubts about the beautiful freedom fighter and her feeling for Gabriel as families do,, so they took some of this time to get the skinny on Valeriya. Briggy on the other hand, saw her life slipping away with Gabriel and took action. Soon all her lies and secrets caught up with her and Briggy finally got what she deserved.

  • Voukal - I feel very fortunate that Amazon took them back

    Absolute junk. Worked well for the first 3 days, then couldn't hold a charge. Eventually, when I would plug them in, nothing would happen - no lights, no charging. Would simply not power on. Also, when using Bluetooth wireless for phone calls, would sound ok to me, the party on the other line would say that the line was totally static. I feel very fortunate that Amazon took them back. This is some sort of cheap Chinese knockoff. KSCAT? Do... not... buy....

  • Charles R. Tucker - Better get your PC Matic download soon...

    This would be 5 stars, if I had been a member longer, but up to this point, I'm thoroughly satisfied. I was getting the dreaded "blue" screen warnings up to four times a week and finally decided my old XP OS was about to go. So, having seen advertisements for the past couple of years for the PC Matic protection system, I decided to give it a try. And like I said above, I'm thoroughly satisfied, and have not seen a "blue" screen for several weeks, and in addition, experiencing a noticeably faster operating system. I'm a believer...

  • Krys - GREAT PRODUCT!!

    Just like any other acne medicine it works for most, but not for all. But for me it worked wonders. Never having an acne issue, I really never worried about my skin. Then I got pregnant and my hormones knocked me back into puberty I guess. Zits everywhere. I have been using Proactiv for 7 years now and I wouldn't use anything else. In fact after using it for an amount of time, I don't have to use it near as much as when you begin. I skip days and most days only have to use it once. If I start to get a zit, just zap some of the "mask" on it like you would clearasil, and it gets rid of it within a day or two. It is a terrific product and I recommend it so much that I even got it for my 14 year old step-daughter. Who also swears by it.

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    Page turner. What a phenomenally good book. Cuts to the core. No nonsense, very well written. The author spares you the drama, emphasis and metaphors in his writing style and gives you the play by play account of what happened to these guys. The story and the crude details are enough to make for a fascinating adventure that does not need further dramatization or embellishments.

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    I have been taking this several weeks, and my hair seems to have more body, and my finger nails are getting stronger.

  • Black Shango - The Monster from SoftwareHell

    After installation, it refused to make a backup image. Tried to uninstall and reinstall but the installation then gave me two options: Uninstall even though it was already uninstalled or Repair. Repair failed. I tried to do a complete uninstall with Revo Uninstaller but still got the Uninstall or Repair option when reinstalling. Tried to sign into my Acronis account and got an error code that I was to look up on the knowledge base. What? To sign into my own account? I finally did a complete uninstall by editing the Window 7 Registry and deleting all references to True Image and Acronis. But trying to reinstall from the disk still failed. I then downloaded the latest install version from Acronis website. That install failed too. Think I will fork over the big bucks and buy Macrium Reflect for four PCs. I have been using Reflect on Windows 7 machines for years with no problems. Recently upgraded to Reflect 6 on my new desktop running Windows 8.1 with no problems. Acronis True Image is not yet ready for prime time.