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Healthcare Contract Manufacture | Sachet Packaging | Nutraceuticals | Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging - FMP provide healthcare contract manufacture, sachet packing, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, contract, medical and healthcare packaging and manufacture. We are leaders in dressing, and medical devices in the UK.

  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/about/ FMP | Flexible Medical | Pharmaceutical & Medical Contract Packing - FMP provide Healthcare Contract Manufacture, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, contract, medical and healthcare packaging and manufacture.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/our-products/product-development/ Medical & Healthcare Production Creation | Production Formulation - FMP offer a comprehensive product creation service for medical, healthcare and cosmeceutical products. We can assist from initial development to launch of a product.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/formulation-manufacture/ Medical Formulation Services | Pharmaceutical Formulation - FMP provide pharmaceutical & medical formulation services. We provide onsite formulation facilities and have considerable expertise in skin care formulation.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/blending/ Fluid Blending | Medical & Pharmaceutical Fluid Blending - FMP offer fluid blending services for creation of medical and pharmaceutical liquids. Contact us for further information about medical fluid blending.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/artwork-design/ Pharmaceutical Packaging Design | Medical Pack Design | Artwork Design - FMP provide pharmaceutical packaging design services. We can create artwork and design packaging for a wide range of medical & healthcare products,
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/quality-assurance/ Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs - Quality assurance is key for healthcare & medical products packaged by FMP. We can provide our clients with assistance regarding regulatory affairs and compliance.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/our-products/product-packing/ Medical Product Packing | Pharmaceutical Product Packing - FMP provide medical & pharmaceutical packing services to the healthcare industry. We can offer contract packing services for medical & healthcare products.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/fluids/ Fluid Filling | Medical & Pharmaceutical Liquid Packing | Medical Fluid Filling | Small Bottle Filling - Fluid filling, small bottle filling & packing services for medical & pharmaceutical liquids are available from FMP. Our medical fluid filling services ensure optimal sterility.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/wound-care-dressing-packing/ Wound Care Dressing Packing | Medical Dressing Packing - FMP offer wound care dressing packing services. We are experienced in providing medical dressing packing to a range of clients in pharmaceutical industry.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/medical-device-assembly/ Medical Device Assembly | Medical Device Packing & Packaging - FMP offer medical device assembly & medical device packing solutions in controlled sterile cleanrooms. Contact us for medical device packing solutions
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/sachets/ Sachet Filling | Sachet Manufacture - Medical & pharmaceutical sachet manufacture & sachet filling services are available from FMP, experts in sterile sachet filling for the healthcare industry
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/biocides/ Biocide Filling | Biocides Packing | Biocide Trigger Sprays - Biocide packing & biocide filling processes by FMP ensure sterility thanks to our sterilisation testing of all biocidal products packed in our facilities.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/medical-packaging-printing/ Medical Package Printing | Pharmaceutical Packing Printing - Medical Packaging Printing solutions from FMP. Our in-house printing facilities produce printed packaging for a range of medical & pharmaceutical products
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/products/cosmetic-personal-care-blending-assembly-packing/ Cosmetic Care Packing - Personal Care Blending - Cosmetic Care Assembly - Personal Care Packaging - Cosmetic Care Blending - Personal Care Assembling - Clean Rooms - Labelling - Manufacture - We specialise in manufacture of Cosmetic Care Packing, Blending & Assembly from our state of the art production facility with clean rooms and labelling equipment. We also cater for Personal Care industry for Manufacturing, Packaging, Blending and Assembling.
  • http://www.flexible-medical.co.uk/careers/ Careers with FMP | FMP Jobs - Learn more about exciting careers opportunities with FMP, the leaders in pharmaceutical & medical packing solutions.

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  • cander - Warning to Users of Windows 7 64-bit (lots of QB issues)

    I could not agree more with some of the customers' reviews here on Amazon: QB Pro on Windows 7 64-bit cannot be used for your business.

  • coloringyourvision - They really deserve NO stars.

    I LOVE Salonpas! It's my favorite pain patch! I am a chronic pain sufferer and I need pain relief from the outside and inside. I used these patches, and they do nothing for my pain!!! I am not even sure if these are the real brand. They don't have the Salonpas smell. They don't stay on, AT ALL! And, they are not relieving my pain. What They are doing is sitting in a drawer unused. Now I am back to having to go to the store and buy my pain patches. I thought this would be a great alternative to going to the store on the many days I'm in pain. Don't waste your money on these here.

  • GinGin - My Dr. recommended gingseng and i'm glad I listened.

    Great energy without hangover or let down....I'm a "senior citizen" and really have needed some Get Up And Go without all the side effects and this does it. Also good for my migraines. This one I bought because of its ratings.

  • Amazon Customer - Otherwise I love the product

    Wish there was a workout video that came with it. Otherwise I love the product. I've only had it 2 weeks and it's already getting easier! I definitely feel it in my abs and hips the next day! Can't wait to see some results.