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  • Molly Hesse - BITTER, but it does WORK

    First off, don't put this in water. Unless you happen to like the bitterness of fake sugar and a weird minutely fruity tang to your water. Then full steam ahead for you. I tried it in soda and the taste was well masked. I tried it in 450ml of apple juice and it made me juice a little bitter. I'm not sure if the reduction in calories is worth the suffering of my tastebuds. It also absolutely takes longer than a ten second stir to get all the caffeine out of the straw. I let mine soak for a good couple of minutes and then stir for a good couple more before it looks like the straw is empty.

  • Adam J. Zaremba - but I was also eating like a horse

    Nothing you can not do without food and some aminos. I tried this product once in the past and yeah I put on a few pounds, but I was also eating like a horse. This time around I was being strict with my food, and did not see a single change. Not that I was expecting anything too crazy, but it is always nice to add some lbs without a bunch of fat. I say skip it and get whole milk and bagels.

  • Funktron - They Need To Bring This Gem Back To Market----It's Terrific!

    Super durable, super versatile, easy to store and infinitely useful----it's astounding to me that these are no longer being sold new. It's one of the best devices for your home----it just does so many things and takes up so little space. It's a little heavier than you might think, but it's sturdy and well built----and at times, you pay the price for that by having something that's heavy. The materials are steel and the wheels are some sort of hard composite plastic that are impossible to kill. You can use them on rough surfaces and they hold up nicely. Some of the design is a little clunky and takes getting used to----but this is because it's one item that does 4 things----so the trade off is that converting from one function to the other takes a little getting used to. Practice with it and start using it and then it becomes second nature. Honestly, "Little Giant" or "Gorilla" or some other company should bring this back. It's so worth it.