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  • Onahunch - Guided

    This book provides an enormous amount of information on almost every college in the country. Gives my son a tool for what to shoot for in deciding which colleges to apply to.

  • Duzzi D - Excellent Product

    Hard to tell what some other reviewers are complaining about. Everything you need to write a score from the simplest possible to a complex orchestral version (including electronic tracks!) is here. Simple and much better interface that integrates with the latest Mac OS (Mavericks), fantastic management of the parts, beat attached smart shapes (a huge help if you have large scores!), huge set of instruments with sample sounds that make purchasing the full Garritan Orchestra samples unnecessary. If you are upgrading from a previous version Finale is a total bargain ($139!!!), and if it is your first purchase you can be sure that this product will remain the best for a long long time to come.

  • MMFOR - Hands down the BEST diaper rash cream I've ever used on my little ...

    Hands down the BEST diaper rash cream I've ever used on my little one! I don't leave home until I know it's in the diaper bag. My little one hasn't had a rash for more than a day since switching to Weleda. It does an amazing job preventing diaper rashes- he's only had a few noticeable rashes since switching brands 4 months ago.

  • Lilith - If you use custard and gel together...

    this may require a small alteration in routine. I've been looking for a more affordable option than the Alaffia custard which I've used for years, so I decided to give this a try. Years ago, a stylist finally told me to use a custard AND a gel to get non-crunchy, frizz taming hold for my 3a/3b curls. That combo has worked wonders; however, when I did that with this product and the gel I currently use (Frizz Ease), is basically caused this product to separate which left white chunks in my hair that look like terrible dandruff. Thankfully, I figured out the cause and have started applying the custard then the gel which takes a but more time but works about the same. This product does work very nicely, and I like the fragrance except that it is too strong...I wish they would tone it down a notch. I prefer and am accustomed to products with little or no perfumey smell and may look for something else, but this will be ok if I can't find something else.

  • Rebecca Knox - Works great!

    When I purchased this item I was hesitant as the item was over a year old. We received the item exactly on time and it's as good as new. My seven year old loves it.

  • Jarrett - Very pleased, great tailight!

    Very pleased with this tailight, love the sequnential turn signals, looks phenomenal on the bike. Very bright also. I Would recommend this to anyone with a FZ6R.

  • becky - Not as awesome as I thought it'd be

    After reading numerous reviews about how fantastic this product was, both on Amazon and on other websites, I purchased it. I have to say that the first time I used it I thought I could probably lick the floors and not find a trace of dirt or dog hair. The only negative thing to say after one use was that it was extremely time consuming. It took over an hour and a half to clean my small house. This was not mentioned in any review I read. After a few uses, I have found that I must stop to wash the brushes and other components to prevent streaking of dirty water and hair residue being left during vacuuming. I can't determine why the dirty water is being left behind. Everything seems to be functioning and fit together properly, unless it is just a leak. And the drying feature is not that awesome. In fact, I mostly just use this to vacuum the hard floors (it does work better than my regular vacuum for this purpose) and then I just mop over it. Corners and close to baseboards are not within reach of this device, but that wasn't really an expectation.