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Fundación Fernando Pombo - La Fundación Fernando Pombo nace para desarrollar la Responsabilidad Social de la Abogacía y actuar en defensa del Estado de Derecho y los Derechos Humanos

  • http://www.fundacionpombo.org/origen/ Origen de la Fundación Pombo - La Fundación Fernando Pombo nace con el objetivo de salvaguardar y promover los derechos humanos y valores como la igualdad y la solidaridad.

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • Morris Wayne Floyd - Pretty one

    My wife is a lifetime collector of dolls. I bought her the Holiday dolls for years. Then for several years she nor I liked the looks. But she did this year so I go her one.

  • Marc - Horrible battery!

    I have had this product and the leaf blower (both 24 volt) for about a year. Recently I have not gotten much use out of either due to the serious lack of battery life. With what I believe is a full charge, I can't even blow off my driveway or edge it for that matter. It seems that after the one year mark, your battery will completely stop working. When confronted, the worx help line/website will happily direct you to their website to buy a new $100 battery. There is no support or backing for this faulty product. Only a pit of money!

  • gail hansey - Great but...

    This game is the greatest thing ever since ultimate shark sim but could you improve gazzels run speed and same with the hyenas speed too because I can't even catch a stork without losing it...😞 But could you make Ultimate snake, Bird, deer, fish, eagle, and ultimate bear sim? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY BOSS IF YOU DID!🐍🐦🐃🐠🐥 P.S. I had to use a buffalo for a deer mojie and a bird mojie for a eagle 😝