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FUTURES DIAMOND - By 2020 Futures Diamond aims to be the primary information technology and systems provider for the foresight and horizon scanning communities in the world.

  • http://www.futuresdiamond.com/en/about-us FUTURES DIAMOND - About Us - We are a spin-off company built on a combined 20+ years research, innovation and information technology (IT) experience of Dr Rafael Popper (The University of M
  • http://www.futuresdiamond.com/en/solutions FUTURES DIAMOND - Solutions - Our innovation agenda involves the continuous development of our 'back-end' systems (programming), which we license to support a wide range of strategic foresig
  • http://www.futuresdiamond.com/en/media FUTURES DIAMOND - Media - Our communications strategy benefits from our teams and systems often being featured in key media and networks. The following links refer both to Futures Diamon
  • http://www.futuresdiamond.com/en/the-diamond FUTURES DIAMOND - The Diamond - The Futures Diamond is a practical framework including 44 methods commonly used in strategic foresight and decision-making. It updates the Foresight Diamond dev

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  • Jocie C - Love Dansko!

    I love Danskos, it's just that sometimes I'm too hard to fit. Had to send them back, but they were pretty shoes and I wish I could have kept them.

  • Joseph Feinhandler - Easy install and a perfect fit

    Much cheaper than the oem option and you can't tell the difference. I also have a hookup for thule products at wholesale and these are still cheaper. They are good quality and mount solid with no worries. I would suggest using your own Allen wrench instead of the one they give you because it's just a little undersized and can strip the fastener. I was going to replace with ss fasteners but once it was on and I saw how solid it was there's no need. If I ever pull them off I will but as long as they are staying on the jeep there's no need

  • Molly - Easy to Use

    This was easy to put together and easy to use. The cable is a little long, but that is because the router and modem are sitting right net to each other and it seems like a lot of extra cable. However, I just used the twist ties to keep it neat and out of the way. You need a pin or fine tip pen to press the restart button, but that is a good thing. It shouldn't be easy to restart the modem. It was also a lot cheaper than buying the equipment from my internet provider.

  • E. Taylor - Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising

    I just read Brian Geiger's review and the MS Social Team's response. I logged onto amazon with the purpose of checking out Office 2013, I am currently using 2010. I once was suckered into Office 365 for a netbook, never again. Clouds usually signal a coming storm, cloud computing is certainly well named. Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising. The reason I chose to post on a product that I was going to buy but chose not to buy. The MS team's posted reply, to Mr. Geiger's very specific complaints; was the most offensive piece of garbage I've ever seen come out of a corporate entity. If you've ever seen someone hold up three fingers and say read between the lines you understand the gist of Microsoft's reply. If that's their attitude, why bother to reply at all? Do they really think anyone will click on the links?

  • juzekcello - Thorough Excel Manual

    Excellent manual, covers most of what a user wants to know. I loaned it to my daughter and have no hopes of getting it back so will probably have to order a new copy. For that reason, I don't have a copy to look over now for more detailed review.

  • adksmiles - Bow to the new Queen!

    Wow!!! Lzzy Hale is the best female vocalist to arrive on the rock scene within the last 25yrs. Amazing live performance that leaves you wanting more at the end. Band is extremely polishied and tight. Brother Ayejay Hale is an amazing explosive drummer that clearly shows his roots with a style that show varying degrees of Tommy Lee, John Bonham, and a little Bun E. Carlos. Listen to and watch at your own risk because this band is "Extremely" addictive. Awesome, Totally Awesome!!!!!!